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Medieval Scurvy a4

CTF 1CP ATK/DEF Hybrid I made for fun

Steal the enemy's treasure map, once you do, defend your treasure from the enemy to win

I made this for fun I don't really have any intention of finishing this. Mostly just seeing how the gamemode works

Thanks to Radarhead for the rope textures
Tianes for the sharks
Billo for the cannon logic
FGD5 for the cannon model
Yaki for other models
and Custard for the water
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CTF

More downloads from Sonoma

Latest updates

  1. A/D changes and misc stuff

    +added a sightline blocker on A/D section +added a brazier to the lower level on the fortress |minor visual fixes |geo changes on A/D section |increased cap zone size on A/D section |lowered a wall to make sniping from the top of the fortress...
  2. Bug Fixes and Visuals

    +added an ammobox at mid |fixed the upper RED cannon not properly resetting after being fired once |visual changes to intel HUD |changed water texture to hopefully be less expensive than the previous water |fixed prop collusions
  3. A/D changes

    +added new flank route for attackers on A/D section +added gay stuff |increased defender spawntimes |reduced captime back to it's original value |attackers that die in the fort will respawn faster than those who die outside it |visual...