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Kluane a9

1 CP Cloak Type Map

A serious attempt at making a 1CP cp_cloak style map based off Ravine
First release
Last update
Domination CP

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Latest updates

  1. Experimentation 2

    |nudged cap building closer to the middle of the map |raised pit displacements |changed some cover around in the side building |fixed cap reduction timer starting before the players are able to move |detailing stuff +added a gigasightlne
  2. Experimentation

    I'm happy with how a7 plays but I want to experiment with some things |completely redesigned the side route with the full health kit, I hope this makes it a bit more useful |healthkit adjustments and placement |brightened up some areas of the...
  3. Side Route

    +added a timer that counts up, to show how long the round has been going on for |changed the geo in the side-route to be more "realistic" |detailing stuff |changed fog settings |increased the height of the skybox roof |changed the size of some...