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Feb 7, 2008

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After six months of development and another month of playtesting,'s 50th contest finally draws to a close. Without any further ado, here are your winners:


In first place comes Altitude by @Defcon, @FGD5, and @Diva Dan with a score of 84.3 points!


In second place comes Rumford by @nesman, @Zeus3005, and @Izotope with a score of 80.7 points!


In third place comes Smalltime by @Fluury, @Kaleidescoop, @MegapiemanPHD, and @Mr. Burguers with a score of 75.5 points!

Place | Map | Score | Titles
1st | Altitude | 84.3 | Most Creative, Favorite Gameplay Area
2nd | Rumford | 80.7 | Most Pleasant, Best Name, Best Development Log, Favorite Small Detail
3rd | Smalltime | 75.5 |
4th | RO3Pont | 62.5 |
5th | Gridiron | 57.1 | Best Sound
6th | Pine Peak | 54.2 |
7th | Azumith | 46.7 |
8th | Roofrack | 37.5 |

Some interesting notes:
  • The public vote was able to upset the judge vote a bit, placing Rumford above Altitude in the gameplay score.
  • The judges upset the public detail score a bit, placing Smalltime a little bit above Rumford.
  • Rumford only just barely took the Favorite Small Detail category, with Altitude, Gridiron, and Smalltime all being close contenders.
  • Not a single judge awarded Altitude the Most Creative title, but it still won due to an overwhelming public vote. However, the judges and public did agree on the runners-up: RO3Pont, Roofrack, and Smalltime were the three judge picks, which were also the only other maps the public voted for.
  • Favorite Gameplay Area was the biggest shutout, with Altitude taking a score of 7 and no other map passing 2 points.

Here is a link to the full scoring spreadsheet, including all public and judge ballots:

Here is a link to all of the judge notes for every map:

I'd like to extend a big thanks to @ibex and @Suna for being my co-judges on this contest. I also want to thank everyone who participated in this contest, even if you only entered the micro or minor portions, or even if all you did was submit a ballot. It's pretty amazing the quantity and quality of participation we get for these contests in a game that's coming up on 14 years old, and I'm excited to see what comes of the maps that continue development.


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eating the rocks crunch cronch
Mar 15, 2018
grats yall!! stellar work :)

and hell i'll gladly take fourth considering what i was up against lmao