CP Blank_redux a3

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Former cheese man Gorgonzola
Feb 18, 2012
Uses arena_danktown as a base

If anyone wants to convert this to a more popular gamemode (probably 5cp) then be my guest

(I hope it's allright I upload and make a thread for this map)

A 5cp map meant for a more casual audience. More of a "fun" map than a "competitive".

Probably going to change the name later to avoid confusion.


L5: Dapper Member
Jan 21, 2015
Is this based off the Arena map? Looks like it :p
Also, never remove that crate in #4 and #5. It's too good <3


Dec 6, 2014
Looks great from the screenshots. Will look at in-game.


Certified Most Crunk™
Aug 7, 2014
The harder they come, the harder they fall?



Former cheese man Gorgonzola
Feb 18, 2012
Thanks for running this map in an imp, got some real useful feedback. I will take a closer look at the demo tonight, but i'm contemplating turning the corridor at last into a route with a dropdown into 2nd's sidearea, to make it easier to push out of last, and harder to push last from the sidearea.


Former cheese man Gorgonzola
Feb 18, 2012
An exciting and new version of cp_danktown is ready, and includes following changes:

  • Changed name from danktown to blanktown (thanks for the name suggestion Mudpie!)
  • Extended a ledge and moved around the boxes at 2nd to block of incoming spam from the upper floors.
  • Heavily reworked the sidearea besides 2nd. It's much simpler to navigate, and attackers from mid can't completely skip 2nd.
  • Added a oneway route for...

Read the rest of this update entry...


Former cheese man Gorgonzola
Feb 18, 2012
So I finally got some spare time to adress some of the changes in a3, and additionally provide some of the thoughts behind the changes (to compensate for the missing changelog):

One of the problems in the previous version, was the difficulty of defending last. Blu could quickly and easily arrive at the point and red had little to no effective holds.
I changed a couple of things to fix this:

I blocked out the sneaky route leading from the second point to the staircase just besides the point. Instead, the exit of the route is now relocated under the bridge.


I believe the previous lower route brought you too close to the point and made it way too easily to rush, especially since the spawn was on the same level as the route. The new exit is further away from the point and encourages Blu to utilise the "marsh" besides the point more.
Red has then also an easier time watching the exits.

Furthermore is the red spawn raised, and the defensive structurer has been enhanced with balconies, to better facilitate holds.


The staircase up to the balconies has also been moved closer to red spawn, so it's easier for the defense to control it, and thus also the buildings by last.

The shortcut from last to 2nd in the buildings has also been highlighted better, since it was hardly used before. It's also a straight hallway, meaning it's easier to spot flanking enemies.


Finally, the upper balcony with the crane has been closed of ( I liked it tho :( )

The large tower of crates by 2nd has also been removed, and the central walkway has been moved closer to the point to open it up a bit.

This also makes holds on the 3rd floor more viable (and amplify the feel of verticality in the warehouse).

Further changes includes:

- Extended the capturezone, doors and area around the mid, to make it less spammy.
- Rebuild greenhouse. It's now completely transparent.
- Added two small shacks on either side of the point. Snipers/heavies can utilise these as cover while contesting the point.
- Lovered the flowercases, to improve the visibility of sentries in the building besides mid. You also don't need to crouch jump to climb them anymore.

- Removed tower of crates to improve visibility, and moved central walkway to reduce spam on the point.
- Straighted out the hall leading to the one-way door

- Expanded the lobby before last.
- Raised the platforms outside of spawns. They're now about 192 units above the water (same height as the point).
- Added a balcony to the upper floor of the buildings besides the point.
- Relocated the staircase going from defenders spawn to the upper floor.
- Highlighted one-way door better.
- Turned the block by the point into a crane-like structure, to increase visibility.

BTW: You're always welcome to include this in any imp any time if you want. I would be very grateful if you did!


Former cheese man Gorgonzola
Feb 18, 2012
So after three years, I thought it was about time I posted a small update!
The focus of this update was to simplify the map a bit around last and improve the navigation around 2nd. I have also added some simple textures to test my intended palette for the level.

One of the problems with the map was that when the teams did the initial rollout, they went up the staircase to the left in the screenshot (which lead to an alternative and longer route), instead of using the shortcut inside the building:

To fix this, I moved the staircase inside the building, and made sure it was not facing the player, when they did the rollout:

(The players approach from the left)

Furthermore, I also opened up the house, so attacking players more easily can flank from the high ground and shut the shortcut down with spam, preventing the defending team from flanking the attackers. Additionally, the upper portion of the building has been simplified a bit, since it was unnecessarily complex.

Moving through the shortcut, many players went the wrong way when they reached this room, choosing to make a right turn and walking over to the 2nd capture point, instead of continuing forward and making a left turn:

To better indicate that the forward room is the main route and that it leads to mid, the doorway has been significantly opened up:

When it comes to the 2nd point itself, some props have been deleted and the room/capture zone has been slightly expanded. Moreover, a grate has been added to the walkway above the point, allowing capping players to better anticipate players approaching from the high ground:

Hopefully, players who are capping 2nd won't feel as vulnerable after these changes.

Finally, I'm testing a color palette consisting of pale, warm colors, that hopefully match the hazy mood I'm going for with this map:


A lot of other small changes has also been implemented such as small tweaks to the respawn waves, helping defending players watching the shortcut by adding a small window and enlarging some doors.

Possible changes to consider:
  • The mid may be too hard to approach for sneaky, cautious players: Maybe add an overhanging roof to the low ground left route to better protect them, from the enemy team spamming from the greenhouse roof?
  • There are a lot of really good sentry spots at the last point, that can watch multiple entrances: Perhaps these should be nerfed?
Phew! That's it for now!


Former cheese man Gorgonzola
Feb 18, 2012
It sadly seems like the feedback site is having some technical problems (since neither the demo nor the written feedback is available), so I'm bumping this in case somebody got some feedback from the last test they would like to share.