Blank_redux a3

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Blank_redux a3

5cp for pubs, set in some old overgrown greenhouses

Uses arena_danktown as a base

Corvatile;324532 said:
If anyone wants to convert this to a more popular gamemode (probably 5cp) then be my guest

(I hope it's allright I upload and make a thread for this map)

A 5cp map meant for a more casual audience. More of a "fun" map than a "competitive".

Changed the name to cp_blanktown to avoid confusion. Will find a better name later.
First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. New game mode! Wooo!

    Updated to A3. Changes includes: Slight changes to the 5CP game mode: Instead of having to both attack and defend at the same time, the teams take turns in who gets to attack and who gets to defend, like regular AD. Every time the timer runs...
  2. Small fixes, mainly respawn timings.

    Updated to A2. Changes includes: Decreased respawn wave timers drastically. They are now: mid: 8/8, mid-cp2: 8/8, cp2-cp3: 7/10 Changed a small metal to a small health pack in cp2 flank. Decreased setup time from 60s to 40s. Minor adjustments...
  3. Going back to the roots

    Redid everything. Name is now cp_blank_redux_a1. Might post more comprehensive update log later.