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crikeystrike v1a

crikey-strike: australian offensive - csgo in tf2

  1. chemelia
    ~Originally made in 7 hours for April Fool's Gameday 2017~

    • Pesky respawns?
    • Pesky damage other than hitscan?
    • Pesky classes other than sniper?
    • Pesky games other than Counterstrike?
    • Pesky maps other than Dust 2?
    • Counter-strike costing a WHOPPING fifteen U.S. dollars??
    THEN THIS IS THE MAP FOR YOU!! With DE_CRIKEYSTRIKE you can finally live out your wildest terrorism fantasies in stunning Free-to-Play!


    • Classic defuse gamemode
    • Dust2(in dev textures)
    • Sniper class lock
    • No round respawns(arena style)
    Future plans:
    • Gamemode tutorial(or at least some indication)
    • Banning Huntsman
    • Changing Jarate into a smokebomb, possibly by replacing the piss cloud particle
    • Adding CS:GO music(or at least shitty midi versions)
    • CS:GO voiceovers
    • Other Counterstrike maps
    • Detailing(?)


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Recent Updates

  1. v1a: fixup