Blank_redux a3

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Updated to A3. Changes includes:
  • Slight changes to the 5CP game mode:
    • Instead of having to both attack and defend at the same time, the teams take turns in who gets to attack and who gets to defend, like regular AD. Every time the timer runs out, the roles are switched between the two teams, and the timer is restarted.
    • However, this also means that games have the potential to go on forever. I might have to come up with some overall tie-breaker, such as a second timer that dictates when the game is over and chooses the team that made the most progress as the winner.
  • Added a small staircase connecting second and third level in the crane house between 1st and 2nd.
  • Moved the health- and ammopacks just behind 2nd further away from the choke, so defenders have to walk away from the point to pick them up.
  • Added fence at the top level at the 2nd point, so defenders can't rain down spam on people capturing the point from the third level.
Updated to A2. Changes includes:
  • Decreased respawn wave timers drastically.
    • They are now: mid: 8/8, mid-cp2: 8/8, cp2-cp3: 7/10
  • Changed a small metal to a small health pack in cp2 flank.
  • Decreased setup time from 60s to 40s.
  • Minor adjustments to forward spawn at mid, to point attackers in the right direction when they spawn.
  • Slightly decreased size of the capture zone for cp2.
  • Rotated stair 90 degrees, to make it easier to rotate between lower and top floor in house between mid and cp2.
Thanks for the feedback and playing the map, even though it was very late.
Redid everything. Name is now cp_blank_redux_a1. Might post more comprehensive update log later.
I may have missed out on the payload contest, but at least I managed to finish a new version of cp_blanktown! Here's a6a:

  • Dug out a new sneaky route through the houses adjacent the capture point.
  • Expanded the left lower area approaching the point.
  • Added new route between defenders hold and the lower garage leading to the point.
  • Carved out a new doorway to the 2nd floor for the attackers.
  • Moved staircase connecting the 1st and 2nd floor.
  • Added jumppad connecting the 1st and 3rd floor.
Forgot to grab any new screenshots, but I will do a more detailed writeup on the changes in a bit.
Here's another small update.
I'm pretty happy with how mid, second and the connector between them plays.
However, I can't say the same thing for last and the connector between these two: I believe the entrances to last from the choke is a bit too close to each other, and perhaps opens up into open space too quickly - the result is that it's difficult for attackers to enter the last cp area.
The one-way shortcut for the defenders also proved to be a bad idea - the defenders could bypass the choke for free, and easily harass the attackers from behind. While the whole idea behind the shortcut was to give the defending team an easier opportunity to push out of last (unless the attacking team had taken control of the building and shut down the shortcut) it felt like it was too powerful for the defenders. So I removed it.
However, I fear that the attacking team can lock down the choke too easily now since a single player technically can watch every path. I will also leave the said player in a pretty vulnerable position, so perhaps it isn't a problem.

Changelog for a5:
  • Spun the entire map around: Now it is the Red facade that faces the sun.
  • Moved the medium healthkit into the choke (where it replaced the small healthkit).
  • Increased the brightness of a lamp. Yep, that's it.
  • Removed the shortcut
  • Removed the container at the main route to last, and replaced it with some props to act as cover. The main route itself has been widened by 128 units.
In the next update, I'm probably going to redo the last area and fix the connectors. I do have a few ideas I'd like to try out, but I got some other projects I want to work on first.
Updated to a4a
  • Minor changes
  • Added soundscape
listen its j-day i shulda been partying but instead heres an update for blanktown

5:00 AM and my brain is mush so screens and changelog tomorrow
Will write changelog later, too tired rn.
An exciting and new version of cp_danktown is ready, and includes following changes:

  • Changed name from danktown to blanktown (thanks for the name suggestion Mudpie!)
  • Extended a ledge and moved around the boxes at 2nd to block of incoming spam from the upper floors.
  • Heavily reworked the sidearea besides 2nd. It's much simpler to navigate, and attackers from mid can't completely skip 2nd.
  • Added a oneway route for players coming from last. It can be used for the initial rollout and later for flanking.
  • Opened up the lobby before last to make it easier to navigate and hold. Defenders know have a balcony overlooking the lobby and the lower route.
  • Redirected the lower route from 2nd into last, so it's exit is closer to the point.
  • Extended the balconies at last and connnected them with some shacks in order to improve the defensibility of the area.
  • Changed the grass texture.
Final notes:
Since this map is aimed more at pub, I'm experimenting with some short walking distances between points, so impatient players can quickly rejoin the action. Contrarily the cap times is longer than usual and each point has some pretty powerful holds to keep the pace down. Each point has thus more routes to avoid the game from stalling too much.