Generic Rope 1

A generic rope material suitable for TF2, based on the appearance of the HL2 rope

  1. radarhead
    It occurred to me that TF2 still lacks a proper rope texture for move_rope. Most people just use the Source-Engine-Stock-HL2-rope, but I've always thought that it looked out of place in TF2. Well, I guess this will be my surprise public return to the TF2 mapping community?

    Radarhead's Old-Fashioned All-Purpose Utility Rope (Patent Pending) (For Decorative Use Only) (Please Credit Me) is digitally painted from scratch at a whopping 64x128 resolution, based on the visuals of the original HL2 rope. So forget those old monochrome cables! Dangle some crates from this bad boy! Set up some rustic fences! Tire swing? I dunno!

    To install, drop the radarhead_cables folder into your materials folder.
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