Mutagen a5

Fight over some glowing goo.

  1. chemelia

    Desperate for a new way to make some of that sweet sweet dosh, the Mann brothers have been scouring their old stomping grounds for any resources worth scavenging. One of them (Blutarch claims HE was first, but Redmond insists HE called dibs) has stumbled upon an old coal/gravel mining site near Gravel Pit.

    Some mysterious green goo has appeared in their absence, and, needless to say, they're interested. Numerous secret experiments are done in private, and the Blu team discovers that the goo has mutative properties that accelerate the growth of many crops. They'll make millions selling it as fertilizer! Meanwhile, the Red team discovers that when the goo is added to hops, it makes delicious beer. They'll make millions selling this new miracle brew! As each team expands their research facilities, each soon becomes jealous of the other's goo supplies. The solution? Violence, of course!

    Thanks to:
    Phi for the awesome feedback dump!
    Carn for some competitive-centric feedback!


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