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Why do you love steam convos?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Fraz, Aug 31, 2009.

  1. Nuke

    Nuke L4: Comfortable Member

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    Tfw you can't even play other games without TF2 reminding

    17:39 - Nuke-m: my entire housing is assymetrical
    17:39 - Nuke-m: fucc
    17:39 - Nuke-m: One side is 1 block larger
    17:39 - Crowbar: you're a little late for the assym2
    17:39 - Nuke-m: :^^^)))

    P.S. It's Terraria
  2. Svode

    aa Svode Take a Chance on Me

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    9:29 PM - abp: !mps
    9:29 PM - abp: well, i give up
    9:29 PM - abp left chat.
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  3. Auwi

    aa Auwi Certified in best in fun

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  4. Cartfridge

    Cartfridge L2: Junior Member

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    I have a hard time understanding why there isn't a "kinky" rating for this thread yet, considering what's been posted so far.
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  5. Idolon

    aa Idolon the worst admin

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    [11:47 AM] abp: got myself some COFFEE time to um
    [11:47 AM] abp: do something

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  6. Idolon

    aa Idolon the worst admin

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    [8:17 PM] abp: does ido still want dixie played
    [8:22 PM] Muddy: i'd like to have my dixie played
    [8:22 PM] Muddy: i regret saying that
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  7. Pocket

    aa Pocket Ya like Jazz?

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    Please tell me someone made a joke like *whips out banjo and starts playing*
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  8. Svode

    aa Svode Take a Chance on Me

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    I'm so confused between if people are talking about the song, the map, or the... um..
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  9. Tumby

    aa Tumby

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    [10:06 PM] Seba: what did he say
    [10:07 PM] Howling Techie: Ah Fuck
    [10:07 PM] ynders: heck me
    [10:07 PM] chin: fuck me
    [10:07 PM] phi: Holy Shit
    [10:07 PM] chin: jesus christ
    [10:07 PM] ynders: never forget
    [10:07 PM] Yrrzy: god no
    [10:07 PM] ynders: kill me
    [10:08 PM] chin: no please
    [10:08 PM] Howling Techie: Bastion OP
    [10:08 PM] phi: I'm Gay
    [10:08 PM] Yrrzy: whoops mistake
    [10:08 PM] chin: Im gay lmao
    [10:08 PM] Yrrzy: not worth
    [10:08 PM] Jetamo: "Doesn't Work"
    [10:08 PM] phi: Bury Me
    [10:08 PM] ynders: no thanks
    [10:09 PM] Jetamo: are we suddenly playing quiplash
    [10:09 PM] Tekku: "Cyka Blyat"
    [10:09 PM] ynders: rush b
    [10:09 PM] chin: no stop
    [10:09 PM] Tekku: "Fuck @chin"
    [10:09 PM] Seba: give ayveepee
    [10:09 PM] chin:
    [10:09 PM] Yrrzy: wrong sister

    EDIT: I should have probably changed the [at]chin thing. oh well
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  10. LeSwordfish

    aa LeSwordfish semi-trained quasi-professional

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    RodionJenga: did somebody say imp
    Muddy: nope
    Muddy: no imp
    Tye: never imp
    [5]VBot: Dallas server is now on pl_enclosure_rc2a - 19/24 - join: steam://connect/
    Muddy: welp
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  11. Svode

    aa Svode Take a Chance on Me

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    Erk: can I print myself some friends with one of those printing doohickies
    Blank: no
    Erk: oh
  12. Crowbar

    aa Crowbar Live demonstration of the hairy ball theorem

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    Crowbar//read the 72 hr post: probably they do
    Square: not doign any location based stuff
    iiboharz #tf2jam: thank god
    Crowbar//read the 72 hr post: dont quote me on that
    Nuke-m: a second
    Nuke-m: I just realised a flaw in my plan
    Invalid nick entered chat.

    Muddy @ Berry's: "dont quote me on that" -crowbar
  13. Idolon

    aa Idolon the worst admin

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    [8:48 AM] Howling Techie: I just saw a porn gif and it was like homebrew porn or w/e it's called and one of the people in it had one of those security anklets on
    [8:48 AM] Howling Techie: Stay classy
    [9:24 AM] ido: "homebrew porn"
    [9:25 AM] ido: thats more or less an accurate term
    [9:25 AM] ido: but i just like the idea that you gotta
    [9:25 AM] ido: jailbreak your genitals
    [9:26 AM] Seba: be careful not to brick your dick
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  14. athena

    athena L1: Registered

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    Flamecat42 (In VC): I'd like to see that decompiled.
  15. Hyperion

    aa Hyperion L16: Grid Member

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    20.40 - UEAKCrash: my IQ dropped with shots
    20.40 - Muddy @ Berry's: i still love how he tried to ping you by linking your youtube channel]
    20.40 - Nuke-m: Diov more like Yoav

    20.40 - UEAKCrash: and empty stomach
    20.40 - Zahndar: like this nuke
    20.40 - Crowbar: did you have to take shots after the conversation

    20.40 - UEAKCrash: but I'm drinking tacos now
  16. Berry

    aa Berry resident homo

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    20:49 - The Hotel Detective: I
    20:49 - The Hotel Detective: HEARD
    20:49 - The Hotel Detective: ANUS
    20:49 - The Hotel Detective: TRUST ME
    20:49 - (ツ) S>Unusual: you cant hear text Hotel
    20:49 - The ANUS Detective: I WOULD KNOW
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  17. athena

    athena L1: Registered

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    1:38 PM - Zahndar: that was probably me asg
    1:38 PM - Zahndar: i delievered A LOT of beer to those aliens at watergate

    1:38 PM - void~: yes
    1:39 PM - Flamecat42: what if the aliens were an engineer all along
    1:39 PM - Flamecat42: and he needed more beer for rancho relaxo

    1:40 PM - Zahndar: and the real aliens are those guys turtling up at the top of the map?
    1:40 PM - Flamecat42: yep

    and a less funny one

    1:43 PM - AsG_Alligator: time to deliver unknown fragments to the engineer im trying to unlock
    1:43 PM - AsG_Alligator: Prof. Palin
    1:43 PM - AsG_Alligator: or how most people call him
    1:44 PM - AsG_Alligator: Prof. Pain in the Ass

    1:44 PM - Zahndar: savage
    1:44 PM - Flamecat42: Prof. Pro-fessional ass pain.

    EDIT: got another one for y'all

    3:54 PM - Flamecat42: what if robots got so smart they tried to fail the turing test so people would think they're dumber than they really are
    3:54 PM - Flamecat42: :eek:

    3:55 PM - LeSwordfish: beep boop, son
    3:55 PM - Flamecat42: shit
    3:55 PM - Flamecat42: the robots have invaded
    3:55 PM - Flamecat42: get your recaptcha fellas

    Last edited: Feb 17, 2017
  18. Nuke

    Nuke L4: Comfortable Member

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    When you just want to puzzle:

    Nuke-m: lol nice question : "You are in the race. You just beated/bested last runner in it. What position in race are you on right now?"
    Zahndar: hi berry
    Nuke-m: Bi herry
    Crowbar: 0bHERRY

    Berry: 1st place?
    Zahndar: 2nd last?
    Berry: but then how were they in last place
    Crowbar: yeah
    Crowbar: cant
    Nuke-m: 2nd from last is logical one but it's incorrect
    Nuke-m: right answer is that it's impossible - you can't beat last runner, cause if you did, he wasn't last in the first place
    Crowbar: yes
    LeSwordfish: sure you can
    LeSwordfish: win the race
    RodionJenga: ok that's stupid
    Berry: what if you lap them
    LeSwordfish: you beat the last runner
    Crowbar: lefish, "just"
    LeSwordfish: you beat all the other runners too
    RodionJenga: there's a difference between overall last and instantaneous last
    Crowbar: like, just got in front of them
    LeSwordfish: "just" as in "only recently happened"
    Berry: what if you take out a big stick and beat them to death
    LeSwordfish: not as in "only"
    Berry: then you beat the last runner
    Nuke-m: just as in "right right afyer"
    Nuke-m: after&
    Crowbar: i mean only recently beated as in, like
    Crowbar: you were after but now are before them
    Zahndar: is that how you run races berry?
    Berry: yes
    Zahndar: with a huge stick in your pocket
    LeSwordfish: "you are in a race. you just kicked the last runner to death. what position are you in now"
    LeSwordfish: "jail"
    RodionJenga: there's always a huge stick in my pocket
    Nuke-m: xddd
    Berry: to be fair you're probably around last place if you're running around with big sticks
    LeSwordfish: do you also speak softly
    Crowbar: and they call you a racist
    Nuke-m: Then bring Uzi
    RodionJenga: or first if you're hitting people
    Nuke-m: and shoot them to death
    RodionJenga: nah man it's all about stick-beating
    Nuke-m: stick beating the stick man with stick
    Crowbar: do you know male racers pu patches on nipples when running so they dont get damaged because of rubbing on the shirt
    Crowbar: put*
    Crowbar: racers = runners
    Crowbar: gah
    RodionJenga: yes, i've heard that
    Crowbar: might as well remove patches of other racers if you manage to do that on the run
    RodionJenga: i mean it sounds ludicrous but i'm sure my nipples aren't the pointiest
    RodionJenga: high enough pickpocket skill you can steal other runner's nipple shields
    Crowbar: need that as a skill in fallout or sometinig
    RodionJenga: it's akin to the slipping live grenades into pockets thing
    Crowbar: stealing someones patch and watch them slowly and painfully die
    RodionJenga: sounds legit
    Zahndar: you just gotta crouch behind them for 100% chance to be able to steal their nipple patches
    LeSwordfish: nipchafed to death
    Nuke-m: this turned really dark
    LeSwordfish: like one of those chinese tortures
    Nuke-m: really fast
    Crowbar: lol what lefish
    Crowbar: tell me more
    Zahndar: idk
    Zahndar: this is less dark than kicking them to death probably
    Crowbar: that sounds like a nice way of torturing
    RodionJenga: i'm envisioning that meme where the person falls off the bike
    LeSwordfish: water torture, bamboo torture, running in circles without nipplepatches torture
    RodionJenga: ancient chinese nipplechafe torture
    Crowbar: what about the Greek or whatever torture
    RodionJenga: oh that's just a fancy word for sodomy
    Crowbar: where the person is put inside a hollow bull statue of copper and fire is made under the bull
    RodionJenga: oh that nvm
    Nuke-m: this entire chat is forum worthy lel
    RodionJenga: was that a common thing? or did it happen to like, one person
    Berry: now hang on
    Crowbar: also, now i get the lyrics of one song
    Berry: a second ago you were talking about running races
    Berry: now it's torture?
    Nuke-m: read entire chat
    RodionJenga: yeah read back, it made sense
    Crowbar: "I was running in circles, I hurt myself"
    Zahndar: dont read entire chat berry
    Zahndar: its not worth it
    Nuke-m: kek
    [5]VBot: oh for gods sake, dont say kek, what are you 12
    Berry: you know that's there to discourage you from saying kek
    RodionJenga: tl;dr running without protection can make you bleed

    Now we can cut this out of context:

    LeSwordfish on topic of punishing cheaters on TF2M servers: "water torture, bamboo torture, running in circles without nipplepatches torture"
    In response, TF2M members: "that sounds like a nice way of torturing" and "oh that's just a fancy word for sodomy".
  19. BeepSterr

    aa BeepSterr

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    void~: step aside, boys
    void~: i got this
    void~: !update neon neon_v2
    [8]VBot: You are either not an admin or this isn't your map!
    nesman: HA
    void~: fuck you
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  20. BigfootBeto

    aa BigfootBeto Too obsessed with perfection

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    ynders chat.png
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