Siege Machine

Medieval Siege Machine A6

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Medieval Siege Machine A6

They say medieval payload isn't possible.

Forsooth thee, here ye hear ye something something medieval payload.

Want to siege a castle, but said castle has walls? Well look no further as we have provided you with a siege machine! This particular model is known as a Siege Tower, and by the time we're done explaining its many features you'd have already gotten fed up with the word siege.
Furthermore, after capturing the first objective, your team will be rewarded with a top of the line Catapult! Finally, after your team has breached the preliminary defenses escort a Battering Ram through the village to knock down the castle doors!

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First release
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Latest updates

  1. City Planning

    Version A6: Hired a professional medieval city planner named Althalos Terrowin to redesign the entire 2nd stage to be more village-like. -Ye Olde Changelog- 1st Stage Adjusted blu spawn to make the front area slightly smaller. Moved some of...
  2. Stuff

    Changelog: Overall Increased Red respawn timer Stage 1 Catapult wont trap you when it spawns in. Boxes in spawn can't be broken. Stage 2 Fixed being able to push cart before setup ended in stage 2. Added spawnroom trigger to red spawn.
  3. Fixed Stage 2 Round Timer

    "Fixed Stage 2 Round Timer" How I did not realize that was an issue during debugging is beyond me. Maybe cause I skipped to stage 2 immediately instead of capping the cart at the last second.

Latest reviews

Quite entertaining, but there should be some more places where one side of the payload is cut off, so enemies have something to hide behind and block the payload for a short while.
Why do you insist on "reviewing" alpha maps instead of commenting the feedback under the discussion thread where it's easier to address and well...discuss