Fieldworks A4

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Fieldworks A4

a good granary ripoff

This is a 3cp a/d capture point map, with a unique touch

20180511113943_2.jpg 20180511114054_1.jpg 20180511114102_1.jpg 20180511114112_1.jpg 20180511114123_1.jpg 20180511114130_1.jpg 20180511114155_1.jpg 20180511114218_1.jpg 20180511114249_1.jpg 20180511114300_1.jpg 20180511114324_1.jpg 20180511114346_1.jpg 20180511114354_1.jpg
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP

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Latest updates

  1. kept you waiting huh

    It has been 454 days since the last update Here are most of the changes: cp_fieldworks_a4 Point A area: - Expanded the point just a bit - Rearranged some bits of cover - Completely detailed the entire area Point B area: - Introduced new way...
  2. A3 update

    cp_fieldworks_a3 Point A area: - Lowered the upper walkway a little - Replaced fences under the walkway with smaller fence Point B area: - Healthpack changed to medium from small in the purple room - New entrance into the upper area with...
  3. A2b quick fix

    cp_fieldworks_a2b (extra polish for asym contest) Point A area: - Made doorway from A to B bigger to draw attention better - Removed clipping from the containers outside Red's spawn - Back area now has access to container with cover Point B...