Condemned B3

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Condemned B3

Fight hoards of zombies in this close quarters map.

Working title, mvm_zombies mvm_condemned brings a unique approach to the mvm map formula. Zombies can attack from any side of the main center building, making defending the power generator tricky. Zombies can also tear down walls to open up new flanks. However, players can rebuild the walls if there is time.

Also made for Canteen Crasher Halloween Patch. Potatoes MvM thread post:

.zip also includes a labeled map layout for creating your own popfiles.
First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine

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Latest updates

  1. Quality of Life Improvements

    Changelog Map: Added HUD Icons for current high and low bot spawns. Shortened distance low right flank bots have to retreat if the gate closes. Added .res file for hud icons.
  2. Hotfixes

    Hotfixes Map: Tree sentries have gone extinct Mission: Fixed engineer zombies
  3. cursed mouse

    Changelog: Fixed erroneous nav mesh. Mouse can longer steal the bomb.

Latest reviews

I played this with 5 of my friends the other day and it was suuuuuper fun. The zombies are really cool and unique, the custom guns that were on the server were really unique and added a lot of strategy, and the map itself was just cool! (Spine-tingling?) All the missions are really tough too, so it was fun learning how to take care of all the different parts of waves. Oh also the survivor mechanic? That's Awesome!!! And definitely needed as we kinda struggled here lmao. Definitely a great map though. Lots of variety in what kind of strategies you can do that actually *do* work if you're skilled enough! (Blutsauger omg) High-tier stuff for sure :)