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Mar 1, 2010
It's that time again, when we realize we're rather short handed and a large number of staff members are too busy to really volunteer our time as much as we'd like here! You may have noticed!

So that said, we are now actively looking for staff members to add to our roster!

Interested? Well slow your roll, check out these responsibilities we generally are looking for in a new staff member first:
  • Helping run/ announce imp tests on the server when available to do so
  • Helping with moderating the forums and discord
  • Helping moderate the server, stepping in when necessary to lay down the law
  • Be active in helping members of the community, and able to represent the site in a positive manner here as well as elsewhere
  • Be creative and interested in helping shape the future of TF2Maps
  • Be willing and able to discuss difficult and complex situations from a rational and level headed place
  • Be interested in helping run events and contests
This isn't a definitive list, we're generally just looking for motivated and dedicated members who are interested in making a positive impact on the site. Mapping skill is not a necessary trait, but it certainly is useful when it comes to helping other members of the site with their problems.

In addition to a regular staff member, we're also on the lookout for a technical staff member to bring onto the crew. Some skills we're on the lookout for:
  • Knowing your way around a linux console
  • Server management skills (plugins, configs, etc)
  • Experience with web servers, php, mysql
  • Willingness to be available to handle server related issues, especially around big events
  • Desire and motivation to help shape the front end as well as the back end of TF2Maps
  • Creative ideas for features on the site or servers (not necessary, but a plus!)
We're in pretty dire need of someone in this role to help maintain the site and game servers, so if you don't fit the above, but know of someone who might, feel free to pass this along to them.

If either or both of these roles sound like something you'd be interested in doing, post here stating your interest with a bit on why you want the position. Nothing formal, just let us know what you are willing to bring to the table. If you've applied before and were not accepted, feel free to apply again!


Takes way to long to make and update maps
Jun 11, 2015
I'm definitely interested! I'm currently not going to school or a job, so I have a lot of free time on my hands to give to the community. I'd love to host imps, and since I'm home most of the time announcing shouldn't be a problem for me. I'm always willing to help others out, whether their a newbie or someone with a lot of experience. I am interested in being a possible candidate for the technical staff member, though I would have to do some learning, but I've been wanting to learn this kind of stuff anyway. I do already have a handful of ideas on how to improve the site and the servers, both front end and back end. I feel like the main detractor is that I haven't really been active in the community much until the last few weeks, but that's a problem that'll solve itself. I hope we get some great new team members soon, whether I'm one of them or not! Cheers!


Sample Text
Mar 20, 2016
I want to apply for the regular staff role. I've been a member of this site for some time now so I understand how things work on this site. Something that will definitely help to be a better staff. I am very active on discord since I have it open during most of my day helping people and just chatting. I've been hosting several imps during the weekends and I am definitely looking to do so more in the future. I want to host some events and contests, too if possible because it's always exciting to see people making stuff with a deadline in mind. Holding contests imo is a great way to keep the community alive and kicking.


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Aug 31, 2014
Hey! It's very cool to see the site taking in more staff. I joined TF2Maps 3½ years ago, and as I've come to understand it, this is undoubtedly the nicest place on the internet. I'm a fundamentally different person because of TF2Maps! And I'd love to give back to the community that's played such a vital role in my life.

I'm very regularly on both the forums and the Discord. My college schedule is quite consistent (barring the occasional big essay or project). Any summer job I might find myself in would probably have a consistent schedule.

In conversation, I'm level-headed, and when disputes arise I'm quick to point out common ground. I've been a friendly resource for mappers old and new. I have one map collaboration under my belt (Blizzard), and I'm part of a second collaboration now (Sunset). I've hosted imps in the past, so I'm familiar with all the moderation/server commands that go along with the process. I'll try harder not to accidentally scramble teams!

I'm also known to host quite the rockin' Casual.

Last December I held the A1s-Of-Popular-Maps Gameday, which was both a success and a ton of fun! I collected early versions of Official and Featured maps, and put them up for a public vote. I consulted members of the community to gather some of the more obscure .bsp's, including cp_snowplow_a1 and cp_worselands_b1 (early Gullywash). When December 16th came around, I moderated the Gameday's ten maps, as well as the extended afterparty. I'm eager to hold another A1 Gameday, possibly one of bigger scope. And assuming time allows, I'd be thrilled to host a site contest.

In March of 2015 I posted the Required Listening thread, asking for music recommendations. As of today, the thread is 270 posts long, proudly featuring the musical tastes of a diverse online community. I maintain a Spotify playlist of tracks from the thread, which is over 400 songs long (>30 hours of music).

Outside of some casual HTML, I haven't tinkered around a site's backend. (I'm a Computer Science student, so my abilities may expand in this department, but you shouldn't count on it.) I've got decent Blender,, and Sony Vegas skills, if that's what things come down to.

Thank you for your consideration! I love talking about myself, so this has been the perfect outlet for me.


May 13, 2013
I would be interested in a staff position!
I have a lot of past experience in moderating community servers and would love to assist wherever I can.

I'm currently working from home and have a lot of free time, a large portion of which I already spend on the site and Discord.
I'd be around to help people with mapping issues and announce imps, especially late nighters.
Hosting imps, events and contests would be a first, but I'd love to give it a shot.
Since I'm from Europe, I'll be available at hours where some folks from the US are not, and can step in to help people.

In debates, discussions and general conversations, I would consider myself to be level-headed and rational.
I don't lose my temper and hear everyone's side of the story before taking any actions.

I've been mapping for TF2 since 2010 and have gained a lot of knowledge, and even though I haven't released a map in ages,
I share what I know when I see people asking for mapping help, especially the I/O side of it.
It's amazing to see how much this community has grown since I joined 5 years ago, and I'll be sticking around to see it grow even more.
Thanks for reading!

Diva Dan

Mar 20, 2016
Obviously I deserve to be staff because of my profile picture alone

Jokes aside, I joined the community just 2 years ago but feel like I've been here forever! I've made tons of friends that have really helped me out and have been a blast to be around. When I first arrived to the site, I was met with so much kindness and help, and I've always been happy to give it back. I recently had the idea of becoming a moderator, so this is all pretty convenient!

I sort of have a habit of being omnipresent in the discord (love it or hate it!) which means I try to involve myself in conversations often. I'm always looking for a way to help somebody when people post WIP screenshots or need some mapping help. I'm willing to offer my time for people and give detailed feedback if they ask me, and always love to see mappers improve, new and old alike.

My best trait for a staff role would probably have to be my socialization. I really enjoy talking to people and bringing a positive vibe to conversations that I'm in. I like making people feel involved and in the loop, and explaining myself if need be. And as far as disagreements go, I always make sure to look at things at a case-by-case basis: I avoid unreasonable bias and I'm not afraid to express my opinion on something if I feel it's right. And even though I'm a super-awesome-happy guy, I wouldn't be afraid to draw lines when it comes to it and help make a moderator decision.

Mapping wise, I made my first tf2 map back in April of 2016, and by 2018 I've already begun collaborating with three different groups of people for the MVM contest, connect 5 contest, and personal mapping endeavors which I've loved working on. Thanks abp! I'm super interested by how different people approach level design and am honestly flattered when they consider me as a mapping partner. I also have some experience in model and material making, which is handy (and again, it means a lot to me when people want to use my stuff!)

I'm very open minded and I'm not afraid to say sorry if I ever mess up. Whenever I'm involved in something that might be a little heated, I make sure to respect people's perspectives and try to offer my own. I'm not afraid to receive a little heat for the greater good, either.

All in all, I would really enjoy being a staff member or server moderator, and being involved in advancing the site further or setting up contests. Organizing a jam and stuff also sounds really fun, so I'd love to be a part of that, too. I'd be honored to take up the role, and thank you for considering me if you do!
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Oct 5, 2014
I might as well throw my hat into the ring.

Hey, I’m 14bit!

I joined 3.5 years ago, in October of 2014. I had just finished building a computer with the hopes of learning to make Portal 2 maps, since Hammer didn’t run on my Mom’s old MacBook. I didn’t have any idea how to make maps, so I stumbled through youtube tutorials until I found though Crash’s youtube channel. I was impressed by the passion and dedication of the community I found, and decided that I would learn hammer by making a TF2 map before moving on. Fast forward to now and I’ve still yet to make any maps for Portal 2, and have no plans of leaving TF2maps behind.

In my time here I’ve tried to be an active member of the community whenever I can, and in any way I can. I’ve created 3 new game modes (Payload Circuit, 14bit-style CTF, and Robot Escort), released 14 maps in a playable state, participated in 10 contests/Jams, and live-streamed 6 different 72-hour events, one without being able to move an arm because of a back surgery just days before.

I became a VIP in November of 2015 and have hosted imps when possible since, so I already am experienced in running, participating in, and announcing map testing events. Last August I was invited to be a moderator and while I was not confident in my abilities to do so at first, I feel that I have grown into the role these past few months. This is the largest community that I have helped to moderate, but I feel that I am capable of helping to do so.

While I have intermittently disappeared for months at a time in the past, I am now a regular in both the Discord and on the site. I am currently in college, which means that my schedule is very consistent. Like KubeKing a few posts above, any summer job I get will also have a consistent schedule. I’m based in the Eastern time zone of the United States year-round.

I also try to be a positive force in the community whenever I can. My personal goal in life is to make others happy when possible, so I tend to avoid posting something unless it will make a meaningful contribution to the discussion. This is the case on both the site and in chat, though I am not afraid to speak out when I need to. I try to answer other’s questions whenever I can, even going so far as to figure out solutions to problems that don't have a clear answer. I am not afraid to admit when I have made a mistake, and try to make it up whenever possible. In complex situations I try not to make hasty decisions; I prefer to gather as much information as I can before deciding on a course of action.

While I do have limited experience in HTML and JavaScript, it’s very surface level and I’ve mostly just done visual work. As such, I would not be a good candidate for technical staff.

It’s been amazing watching the community grow in the time I’ve been here. From participating in the last ever 72 Hour Contest, watching it become the Jam, and seeing it evolve into the insane 7.2 hour contest, I’ve been here though a lot of change. I’ve experienced the rise of Vbot, the fall of regularly scheduled gamedays, a site revamp, and the jump to Discord. It’s been quite a ride, and I’m interested in being a part of where the community will head in the future. Planning and running contests is also something I’m interested in helping with.

Thank you for taking the time to read and/or consider my application, and I wish the best of luck to everyone else that is applying! This is truly the most wonderful community that I have been a part of, and I can’t wait to see where it goes in the future.
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Aug 6, 2016
I guess I'll apply too.

I've been around for like 2 years joining in August 2016 and I've been mostly active since then. Kind of around a lot in the Discord too.

Made around 5 maps that are released on tf2maps and I'm planning for a lot more later. I've got a lot of map ideas that have yet to be tested but I'm sure they

I've hosted a lot of impromptu map tests recently, and I'm thinking if I can be staff I can host more often.

If you may have not guessed already- yes I run dog bot. You know how randomly sometimes vbot will link to a twitter account that has a dog of the day? thats me like a wizard posting dogs I am up to 117 Days of Continuous Dog Posting even when I'm out of state and out of mind. i know my service to this site is welcome when people go "wow that is a nice dog"

I'm certainly not the brightest on this site- and definitely not the best at mapping, but I will try to make things better if I mess up and I do really care about this site. This site is a lot different than past sites I've been a part of and I really enjoy being a part of it.

Thanks for reading my application.
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Mar 29, 2018
I only joined this community about a few weeks ago, and that's probably the biggest negative about me, before march the only time i touched hammer was to screw around. But I am, and always have been an extremely creative person. I have many ideas for maps, weapons, effects, cosmetics, etc that are only held back by my lack of experience in hammer, blender, and other things. I'm on tf2maps about daily, and many times during the weekend. In about a week i have posted 29 messages. I was a mod on a few discords in the past so i have a good amount of discord moderation knowledge. I'm interested in every thing that comes with being a staff member, from helping set up good dates for events, too enforcing the rules, here and in the discord. I am able to be level headed, and am over all a very calm person (except when dying to a wm1 pyro) While I can understand not adding me purely because of my lack of experience in this community, i hope you can give me a chance. Thank you.

-Blake Werlinger


L3: Member
Feb 8, 2017
I'd like to apply as well.

I have my fair share of experience when it comes to moderating a community. I also like to try new things out. An example I can give is the MvM map testing event I recently organized. While a bit flawed, mainly because it was the first event I organized, it gave me a lot of feedback on how to set up an event more properly if I ever plan on doing a continuation of said event.

As for activity, I can be quite active, be it either on the site or the Discord server.

If there's something unique that I can offer to this community, it really has to be MvM related. I play the gamemode almost daily, be it either official MvM or community related. I know it from inside out, what makes a map good, what makes a mission fun, etc. It's also the only gamemode I continue to come back to to map for as well. So far I made 4 maps for MvM and it taught me a lot.

I've been a member for this community for a year now. 2 years if you also count in the period when I didn't have an account. I learned a lot in that period on how to improve my mapping skills and it's mostly thanks to this community. And I wish to give this experience to other mappers as well. Seriously, thank you for that.

And that's all.


i guess i'll apply too

i have been here on tf2maps for about a year (tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary). I have made 8 maps in total. Most of them not being the best but some that are sort of okay. Although i haven't been mapping much lately i have been trying to make a new map. I do know a lot about hammer especially detailing and halloween related stuff.

i'm actively checking on the site for notifications and sometimes help people with problems. I'm also active a lot on discord although i don't really say much.

I have been trying to get the money to be a VIP for a year so i can host imps which i really want to do. I also really want to help with contests and similair things like that.

I have some experience on being a staff member mostly on projects of my friends.

I would not be a good choice for a technical staff member. I'm not very good at any programming. I don't have much experience with it. I'll probably be a good fit for a server mod

I'm always willing to help further grow the site and help people in need.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.


-in a daze-
Jun 19, 2009
I'll just go ahead and put my name in for the technical position. Wasn't going to apply originally, but @Egan convinced me to do so (so if I'm a crappy candidate blame him).

Hello, I'm Roll, formerly Roflman. Been a member for a long time; still a regular on the servers, though not so much in terms of mapmaking lately. I did make a couple of terrible maps. I also ran some imps back in the day, and hosted a gameday once.

I'd be glad to help out with the more technical aspects of the community. I have some experience in what's required for it thanks to my education (Linux, server experience, MySQL, PHP), though I'm out practice and may need some reorientation. I could probably get the hang of it regardless. I currently work full-time as an enterprise software dev using nonstop Java, so it'd be nice to have some variety in my life.

Unfortunately, I must divulge that I do watch anime and am not a furry so I hope that you will at least give this application the benefit of a quick glance.
May 27, 2017
I'm probably a bit late to this but I'd like to apply for the Staff Member role please!

(I've come back from a bit of break from TF2 and other things. Getting my job sorted and such.)

I'll start off with my past experiences!
Around 2013 up until 2017 (group shut down then) I was an admin for an achievement server for the group "Brothers of the Pan" where I was the map maker for said group. During this time I gained a lot of management skills which I think would be very handy for when it comes to organising imp sessions and such. I also learned when and where I should be putting my foot down to people breaking the rules.

I will be honest, I haven't had to do forum moderation before but I'm sure I could easily adapt to it. Discord management I can do + announcements for myself/others when need be. I'm usually always around in the GMT timezone.

I've ran many imps before so I think this'll also come in very handy in showing new people how they're supposed to be run or simply running them myself. I'm will always be willing to jump on a server when a VIP needs a hand with something like banning or any other needs. I feel that people in the community also know me well for my random map imps that I have ran in the past.

As a person, I am very levelheaded and down to earth and I am always willing to do what I can to help in any situation. I'm very motivated and dedicated to making sure that everyone around me has a good time and feels comfortable. I'd say my attitude is very positive and I will always try to bring a smile to everyone's face where I can. I'm very open to criticism and I'm willing to change and adapt to fit the role of a staff member. I'm quite social and I'm more than willing to strike up a conversation with most people. Due to me working with children and young adults, I feel that I can manage most difficult situations by myself while making the outcome fair for both parties.

That's about it really from me!

Thank for you for reading!

Another Bad Pun

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Jan 15, 2011
Hi, it's me, abp. I've been here a long time.

When I was younger, I loved making stuff, and I still do. But I've also discovered that it's a great feeling when you can help others with their work. Over the years I've had the opportunity to do just that, and I've learned a lot doing it. Out of all of the online communities I've been a member of, I can't think of a single one that has changed my life more than tf2maps has.

I've been a server mod for around six months, and I see a staff position as a way to expand the ways I can help out on the site and server. I'd really appreciate your consideration.

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Sep 3, 2009
I'll volunteer for technical staff.

  • Live and breathe the Linux command line at work.
  • Took courses in college for web servers, php, javascript, and mysql.
  • Virtually unavailable during working hours (US, Mon-Fri, daytime).
  • Willing to implement features that are cool.
  • Will confidently break things to fix things.
  • Read Only Friday.

Pixel Brush

L3: Member
May 5, 2018
I've been wanting to apply for some time now!
I know I may be a tad late with this (too late probably) but I figured why not just give it a shot anyways?

Lemme go through the requirements...
  • Helping run/ announce imp tests on the server when available to do so
Of course! I play TF2 pretty much on a daily basis. I'd be able to run an imp anytime (except when I'm writing tests of course since I still go to school)
  • Helping with moderating the forums and discord
I am already an Admin on another discord and managed it for over 2 months while the original owner was gone for no reason. I've kept it alive and going!
  • Helping moderate the server, stepping in when necessary to lay down the law
I like to do the right thing and try to keep a clear mind when dealing with people who are hacking, throwing hackusations, being mean to other players or anything like that.
  • Be active in helping members of the community, and able to represent the site in a positive manner here as well as elsewhere
I wouldn't want the site to be represented in a bad light!
I always try to help anyone when I can. If I can't I apologize and try to find help for them.
  • Be creative and interested in helping shape the future of TF2Maps
I'm an Artist! I've been actively making art since the Summer of 2016! I've tried making Music, Movies, Books and much more! I'm currently a somewhat active animator too. If i'm not creative then I don't know who is (that sounded a tad selfish, I'm sorry).
  • Be willing and able to discuss difficult and complex situations from a rational and level headed place
As I stated before: I try to keep a calm mind in the worst of situations and deal with them the best I can.
  • Be interested in helping run events and contests
Why wouldn't I be interested in running events or contests! I love planning special events that break the norm and get people making! Seeing how they interpreted a certain Theme or Style always makes me happy!

This was my (pretty late) application form. Have a nice evening mate.