CP Tidewater 72a

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Dec 28, 2014
Played this map yesterday. Honestly I enjoyed it quite a bit, the detailing is really nice. I like that the map smaller then powerhouse and doesn't take forever to get to the last point. The only real issue we had was that it seemed like once one of the teams capped the middle point it turned into a bit of a roll and usually that team capped the final point pretty quickly.

Overall though I think this map shows a lot of promise and could make a very good 3CP style map, I hope you continue to work on it after the contest is over.


Sep 11, 2013
Here's my judge stuff in an easier to view format:


Beautiful map and pretty enjoyable. Certainly one of the best 3CP maps in the contest. I think mid is pretty solid, not too far away, interesting to fight around. I wouldn't mind more maneuverability options for non jump classes, but I'm not sure where you'd put them. Reworking this area might do the job. I don't know. Also the steps down by the small health are z fighting with the water, you might want to fix that.

Degenerate faces on this brush here.

I find this route really awkward for both teams. The low path just means you don't see anything unless both players are standing near that edge and looking at each other.

To avoid running past spawns you need to use that route, and then you come here. Both rooms void of pickups except places that the defenders can more easily watch/control. This place where the void is, between the two rooms, might make a good spot for a 3rd area that attackers can kind of hole up in. I think they need it. Similarly, across from the point, you've got lots of health and ammo in that building where sentries can be really effective. Seems like overkill considering spawns are so close. I believe most the problems with the map stem from just these few problems.

I don't think the point design or layout is fundamentally wrong or bad, but the pickups and routes don't really support attackers at all and are useless to defenders pushing out in most cases. I think rethinking some of that could really help make this map pretty amazing.

It's pretty well detailed in most places--I have some nitpicks, like the "Slippery When Wet" sign being in a muddy corner and half submerged (seems like you'd put that near a walkway normally?).

If the routes to last for attackers and pickups were better, I think this would be a top 3 for me. As it is, I have to edge it out.

+ good fighting spaces and unique last
- messy connectors to last
- poor pickup placement


Looking forward to seeing updates of this.