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Oasis Event RC2

It's Spooky!

  1. Crash
    Oasis Event is a 3 capture point single stage payload map in a brand new take on the egyptian theme. Featuring a brand new custom payload cart, massive new props, and new hazards! Jump into a iron-maiden-esque sarcophagus to release your inner skeleton that attacks your enemies AND teammates! Shoot the explosive canopic jars and explode your enemies with organ juices! Unleash the ancient Egyptian curse! Fun!

    Map Layout/ Optimization/ Artpass: UEAKCrash
    Artpass/ Theme Creation: Freyja
    Sarcophagus/ Canopic Bombs/ : Pear
    Payload Cart/ Skybox: SedimentarySocks
    Sphinx Model: Jukebox
    Various Model/ Map Textures: Blaholtzen
    Particles: FissionMetroid


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