Water Texture Library V2a

A library of official and community water textures.

  1. Da Spud Lord
    A library of official and community-created water textures to help map developers compare and choose which one to use in their map. The main room has various labeled portals, and entering a portal takes you to the room which contains a volume of the chosen water texture. Each room has a label sitting above the water so you can remember exactly which texture you're looking at and can find it in Hammer's texture browser. Note that this is meant for singleplayer use- playing with multiple players may cause weird bugs with the labels.

    Credits and sources for the water textures:
    Official water textures created by Valve
    Maritime water textures from the BulletCrops Project
    Swamp water textures from the Swamp Theme Pack
    Powerup water texture created by Tumbolisu
    These textures are property of their creators and I do not take credit for them. Please give credit to the creator if you use a custom texture.
    If anyone would like to see their custom water texture added, let me know!

    The main portal room that you spawn in. It contains portals to all of the official water textures, as well as a portal to access the community water textures. The labels are hidden in this screenshot. You can see the labels in the final screenshots. The doorway on the far left contains a resupply cabinet.

    The room in which each water texture is contained. All rooms are identical except for the water texture and the label. The texture here is water/water_2fort. Again, the label is hidden.

    Some of the labels in the main portal room.

    Some of the labels in the community portal room.
    (Screenshots were last updated in V2)

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