BulletCrops content pack 2018-07-23

A pack of models and textures for your map.

  1. 3Dnj
    As I had to close the Bullet Crops website where the pack was available to download and several people asked me if there was another way to find it, I'm putting the .zip of the content available here.

    Capture03.JPG Capture01.JPG Capture02.JPG

    For the story, The BulletCrop project (strange name) was a map pack project by a few french guys. We started even before the release of Arena_lumberyard and it was probably too ambitious for us (most of us started to learn making map for source and doing 2D and 3D art)

    We started several map prototypes; a french coast, a submarine base, an arctic one, a volcano, a forest, a foundry and a moonbase. But we didn't even finish a fully playable map... (or I forgot we did)

    Still, we made severals props and textures. Some of them a crap, some other are neat. And they are available. My final complaint is that we should have made a clean pack like the swamp theme, instead of releasing all our content with their different theme path.

    Fyi, I did not change anything from the zip provided 8 years ago and I won't support it any longer. We probably don't have the source files. It's also complicated to know who made what. Some people who worked on this project are not available on internet anymore.

    But you can still ask question here and I will try to answer.
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  1. Anonymous
    Version: 2018-07-23
    Helpful niche collection, end up using them in my maps.