Cargoship (MvM) B1b

Protect a Mann Co. shipping vessel from Gray Mann's robots!

  1. Da Spud Lord
    Gray Mann has set his sights on a Mann Co. shipping vessel, and has mounted a carrier tank on his own ship to pull it off. Your job is to fight off Gray Mann's army on a large shipping vessel in the middle of the ocean.

    Oh, and there aren't any lifeboats, so if the vessel sinks... Yeah, just try not to let that happen.

    Made for the Mappers vs Machines contest. Includes packed custom content, an navigation mesh (edited to ensure quality), and 2 self-made missions (see more by scrolling down). If you would just like to download the BSP without the navigation mesh file or the .pop file, use the Steam workshop link at the bottom of this section. Thanks to the creators of the construction theme pack for certain assets, including the crane model, and to Freyja for the right carrier tank tread model. Constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated!


    The view from the front of the Mann Co ship. The boat on the left is Gray Mann's ship. The ramps are where robots attack from.

    A view of the cargo crate area, from the front.

    The cargo crate area, from behind.

    The interior area.

    The bomb hatch room.

    An overview of the map. Points of interest are marked and labeled. Robot bomb paths are marked with colored lines. The tank path is marked with a white line.

    There are two missions included in this download. More information about each of these missions and their waves can be found in the readme file included in the download.
    MvM Cargoship B1 (default mission): Normal difficulty
    Oceanic Onslaught: Advanced difficulty

    (Screenshots were last updated in A4)

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