Cargoship (MvM) V2A2

Protect a Mann Co. shipping vessel from Gray Mann's robots!

  1. Da Spud Lord
    Gray Mann has set his sights on a Mann Co. shipping vessel, and has transformed a carrier tank into a carrier ship! Your job is to fight off Gray Mann's army on a large shipping vessel in the middle of the ocean. Oh, and there aren't any lifeboats, so if the vessel sinks... Yeah, just try not to let that happen.

    Made for the Mappers vs Machines contest, finally being remade because the original version was bad. Includes a navigation mesh and a single self-made mission (see more by scrolling down) with template file. Constructive feedback is greatly appreciated!

    The front of the boat. Robots spawn from the blu boats on the left and right.

    The middle of the cargo crate area. The two buildings on the side each have forward upgrade stations that are disabled during a wave.

    One side of the boat, at the end of the cargo crate area.

    The singular control point, which unlocks a forward spawn for robots when captured. Built into the front of the central building.

    Inside the central building. One bomb route goes through the lower floor, while the other goes through the upper floor.

    A view facing the front of the boat from the upper floor of the central area of the center building.

    A view of the dropdown that robots take along the upper bomb route right before entering the bomb hatch area.

    The bomb hatch area. Red's spawn and main upgrade stations are visible on the right.

    The bomb hatch area, from a different angle.

    An overview of the map with key locations and routes highlighted.

    List of robots from the intermediate (and currently, only) mission, Starboard Strike.

    (Screenshots were last updated in V2A1. Level overview and mission details were last updated in V2A2.)