Freyja's Egyptian Assets

Freyja's Egyptian Assets v1

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Freyja's Egyptian Assets v1

Egyptian asset pack for Team Fortress 2

I made some new egyptian assets with the purpose of introducting more colour and less blandness into the egyptian theme.

These are intended as a replacement for the existing egyptian assets, I don't think they will work well with the old ones.

This also includes "egyptian-inspired spytech" textures, as seen in pl_oasis.

Please use them in your map!! But if you do, please credit me, and if on the workshop, add me as a contributor. Don't do illegal things with them, if you're unsure just ask for permission. They are not free to use if your map gets put in the game - please contact me in that case.
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probably the best asset pack I've ever worked with
These look really great! I especially like the banners and pillars c:
I Love IT!