[7/16/19] Kyzer's DevTex Pack - Dark Nodraws F4

Custom devtextures for TF2; spawn rooms, nobuild, capture zones, alts, nodraw, etc.

  1. Kyzer
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    This pack is kept updated periodically.

    Update F3.2:
    devtex/toolsnodraw_transparent (SEE NOTE!)

    NOTE: nodraw_transparent LEAKS!!! Do not use it to seal a map! It's intended to be used so you can see into areas that are already sealed from the outside!
    The QoL Update:
    * Added the 'tf' and 'devtex' tags to all textures in the pack
    * Added 4 colors of nodraw, which function as normal nodraw
    * Added an out of bounds texture & overlay. The overlay version
    is UnlitGeneric (not affected by lighting, so it glows in the dark)

    + Request things if you want them!


    Unzip the folder "devtex" from the .zip, and drag it inside your "tf/materials" directory.

Recent Updates

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  2. New Nodraws
  3. Desaturated red and blue nodraw

Recent Reviews

  1. Kunny
    Version: F4
    still very helpful
  2. pk.pseudo
    Version: F4
    The nodraw textures in this pack are 100% better to look at than those bright, eye-burning yellow and black ones. The Dark ones especially! They're nice of the eyes! Well Done!