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  1. TurquoiseLeaf

    Stunwater a2a

    The pseudo-sequel to my previous map, stunbox. Plenty of gaps and pits in the map lead to water that will leave you stunned and shocked to death.
  2. savvaisnotagirlolbbq

    Floodgate A3

    "Welcome to Floodgate! A defunct reservoir in Michigan is being fought over by 4 contenders and their hired mercenaries! Don't drink the water." My first finished TF2c map, the map is currently in alpha despite the lack of dev textures. This is an arena map that utilises valleys and chokes to...
  3. Tiftid

    pl_boatload _a1d

    I liked koth_tiftidwater, so I extended the concept into an entire single-stage 4-point payload map. It also features subtle other gimmicks, like BLU only getting their forward spawns if they can manage to clear RED out of a point area after capturing the point, and BLU getting less time from...
  4. A-Cogs

    Damnable 2 a4a

    A remake of a map I never finished due to a few fundamental problems it had. Loosely based off of the Hoover Dam. This project was spurred on by the spring cleaning mapathon. Started a bit late, so here's hoping I make the deadline!
  5. Tiftid

    koth_tiftidwater _a2b

    Screenshots current as of A1C A KOTH map that employs underwater routes for uniqueness and complexity. I think KOTH maps in particular need interesting geometry to stand out from the rest of the pack, so I made something that really interests me, which is water gameplay. I intended it to look...
  6. the man who will kill you

    waterfall map A1

    this was one of my 1st maps i made when i started making maps and when i found it again i wanted to "finish" it by that i mean i want to atleast make it playable i know the map is too detailed for being still in alpha state but when i started i didnt know about this website so i would only...
  7. corpsgrinder360


    Im learning how to properly add water to my map but im having trouble finding tutorials does anyone know a youtube video guide they can send me? my map currently leaks and im not sure why
  8. zythe_

    shorelight rc2

    map with its point next to a lighthouse
  9. Cyberen

    Steamboat Race 5E

    Like Balloon Race or Wacky Races, this best-of-seven competition occurs in two steamboats traveling to each point. Capture four to win! Special rounds include: Downstream One-and-Done (KOTH mode) Lots-a-Crocs (water is deadly) Oven Hell (portals at points) Overdrive (only shooting the paddlebox...
  10. Cyberen

    Reflecting models in the water?

    I've been trying this in different maps but it seems that there's no documentation on this. Can water textures reflect static models? Also, is the complexity of my map causing the reflection to lag? Should I just swap to a cheap water? Because I have $cheapwaterstartdistance in the VMT but it...
  11. Ismaciodismorphus

    Grungle a3

    Fight robots in the grungel in this very small mvm map, Experience the fun of yellow fever while having your insides ground to mush.
  12. SaltyPapi

    trigger_push not pushing correctly

    Hi, I'm trying to get a trigger_push to activate whenever a player enters the water that runs along the center of my map; https://tf2maps.net/threads/koth_dam.45064/. It won't work however, I have the settings I'm currently using down below; I fairly certain the direction and angle are both...
  13. SaltyPapi

    Barrage a6

    koth_dam_a1, a small koth map that encourages aggressive play. Set inside a massive dam, the map is split by a canal of flowing water, which terminates in a great drop. The intent behind the map was to explore verticality, i.e., height advantages, and to develop map-making skills. To do: -...
  14. Katy

    koth_filler A2

    koth_filler is my first every published map and my 2nd ever created map. its whole gimmick is that mid is divided into two different levels, one above the grates which is where the main fighting will happen and one below which is perfect for flank routes. this map is still early in development...
  15. zythe_

    zythe_umc17 a5

    red team is dumping toxic chemicals into the ocean and blue team is not having it! they plan to destroy reds main turbine by blowing it up! despite blue doing the exact same thing........
  16. A-Cogs

    Damnable b4a

    A capture the flag map lightly inspired by Fallout: New Vegas's Battle of Hoover Dam.
  17. ethosaur

    trade_bathtime 2021-08-03

    Another old trade map I made years ago, that I recently found again. (original date, 2014-2015ish) Decided to tune up a little bit, optimize and publish for history/legacy reasons... Perhaps some out there may still find use with these old maps! Thanks for looking!
  18. G

    koth_crazywater_v1 v2

    This map is still in beta so feedback would be appreciated. This map is really small, so they're always be fighting pretty quick. The water basin is great for pyroshark or to hide you under the water. if you playtest it without, please record it so I see how people react. Only playable at 12...
  19. ethosaur

    pl_dogwater a4

    A small work in progress one stage payload map. Includes new paths that open up, after capture points have been taken, and forward spawn for blu/moved spawn for red. The idea is to later replace the bomb with a big jug of poison (Or something like that) as blu is trying to sabotage reds water...
  20. zythe_

    worship b4a

    map created in collaboration with @Aarmastah who did all of the logic stuff, custom hud, and some custom assets. designed to be small and chaotic, with 2 churches that spawn at random as to not just have one team camp the entrance all the time. creeper truck model by @FGD5...