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  1. BiiigSip

    72hr Jam 2023 Waterworks 1

    pl_waterworks_72_3 My Submission for the 2023 72 Hr Jam, i worked Roughly around 27ish Hours on the Map The Map is 5 Point Payload The Theme is Blu Pushing a Payload Cart through a Sewer System to Blow up a Secret Red Spytech base at the very end (although most of the map is still dev...
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Shelter Event Textures 9/15/2023

    These are Textures made originally for shelter event. Contains: Brickwalls Shalewalls Stone trims rusty red metal barnblitz roof Grey rock walls Wine water Various displacement blends
  3. karlmarxy

    Watercourse A2

    Hey everyone, first time mapper here! I started making this map around 2019 I want to say, and spent a solid few months planning it out and creating it in hammer. I really burned myself out and stopped working on it after that. Fast forward to 2023, after getting back into TF2 from the summer...
  4. Frosty Snadwich

    Lakewater 1.01

    Lakeside started as a little map inspired by the flooding feature in one of those achievement engineer maps, and then eventually turned into my first CTF map, where I thought there was a problem with the intel for a while until I realized I'm the problem (I was using the rocket jumper) PS: The...
  5. dabmasterars

    water cuts off rendering (watch screenshots)

    if you stand in the corner of the highlighted brushes (image 1), the top part would be cut off with no textures. there are no leaks or errors, so i don't think providing the compile log would be useful. turning water into func_detail doesn't help, it makes the water invisible. what do i do...
  6. Freyja

    A kerfuffle of Caustics (Water Caustic Blends) RC1

    A set of textures of caustics, based on the tf2 water texture (except the flowing one). These are all blend supported, so put them on displacements and blend away where you don't want them to show up to bend around objects, shadows or whatever shape you desire. ====WATER CAUSTIC BLENDS===...
  7. Boba

    GUMP Particles v1

    An assortment of particles I made for GUMP, perfect for frosty/arctic themed maps. Bubbles A tilable sheet of bubbles. bubbles_256_parent Ventilation frost Some frosty ventilation exhaust. icevent_parent Static flares Some wobbly, team-colored flares meant for static environments...
  8. HappyHead

    Waters & Liquids Pack 1.2

    View: https://youtu.be/QdmJ22v9X3I Includes: Sea and waves textures Flowing water, useful for a canal or a sewer Water in a rainy weather with droplets and stuff Spinning whirlpool, can be tiled but it was made in mind to fit the whole brush face Slime liquids, comes in purple and green...
  9. zythe_

    zytheidoiibo stage2 a2

    idolons stage from mc25, now being tested by itself.
  10. Yo Yo Bobby Joe

    Water Refraction Floor Texture

    I was curious whether anyone had ever attempted to try this before; if anyone has ever made an animated water refraction texture like this, I would greatly appreciate it if you sent it my way. I plan on using it as a projected texture.
  11. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Doomtrain's Wet 'n' Wild Gameday!

    Banner made by the ever legendary Custard1! Summertime is well on it's way, and what a better way to escape the heat than with some more...wet maps! Join me as I take you across 10 maps that involve water in some semi-major way! Whether it's with water gameplay or just aesthetics, I got you...
  12. KahMei

    Waterwork A3

    Payload Race set in a water processing plant.
  13. Ismaciodismorphus

    Australiumnized Water Barrel Props 5/18/2023

    Collection of the Hydro water barrel props reskinned to be Yellow and have a label designating it as containing a water australium solution.
  14. Fiddleford

    Oar A5

    Idk, it has water and trees I guess. Credits: Fiddleford - Layout @Rhamkin - Initial idea / Layout
  15. Fiddleford

    Metsajarvi A1A

    A PD map. Also water makes you go faster.
  16. Thetriztheexistentialneko

    pyroshark aquarium a1f

    you ever wanted to play on a map most;y submerdge in water with no ther classes besides pyro to worry about? so this was an idea i had a year ago about making a pyroshark map with theming based on those pool liminal spaces images (not ment to be explicitly backrooms i just like liminal spaces)...
  17. Owli

    Pipe Works a2

    This map was inspired by a picture I took at work of pipes being dug up
  18. MrSkyBlue1020

    Dysjunctional a1

    Contains: Water Train Cap point Potentially some sacrifices to the Train God Dev textures
  19. BiiigSip

    Mercenary Park Asset Zoo 1

    This Asset Zoo is a library consisting of multiple aspects which are listed bellow (all of which are separated into separate sections in the Vmf) -Models -Textures and Overlays -Brushwork Models -Every Model that is listed under the props_island sub category in the model browser -Models with...
  20. Capybara Maps

    Tf2 Water with no drowning Effect

    Hello all. So I got back into Hammer a little bit (use Hammer ++ for this). I want to create a map where the drowning damage stays away from the water, that you can stay underwater infinitely long. I first used Trigger_Hurt for this, which is satisfactory but not perfect, as the player still...