An FGD Fit for a LORD V3b

Oh god not another one of these do we not already have enough jfc

  1. Da Spud Lord
    An FGD Fit for a LORD - Oh god not another one of these do we not already have enough jfc

    Hey you! Remember me, that guy that's made only one finished map, which was two years ago and kinda mediocre? Oh yea, I also made that one April Fools map that was almost unplayable due to lag! Now I've made an FGD for TF2, because I'm clearly a professional and I definitely know what I'm doing! Check it out!
    FGD_Promo_1.png FGD_Promo_2.png FGD_Promo_3.png FGD_Promo_4.png

    This is a Forge Game Definition file (FGD) for Team Fortress 2, created by Da Spud Lord. All of the information has been taken from other FGDs, the Valve Developer Community, and my own research under the goal of stripping out nonfunctional keyvalues while including and better documenting functional features, including any obscure yet potentially useful features.

    Follow these steps to install this FGD and necessary files. These instructions are also listed at the top of the FGD file.
    1. If you have not already installed A Boojum Snark's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack, download and install it from here. My FGD references a number of resources from ABS' pack, and in general the pack will greatly improve your TF2 mapping experience. If you already have this pack installed, skip this step.
    2. Download my FGD. Copy the FGD file (tf2_spud.fgd) as well as the included folder (tf2_spud) from the ZIP to your /Team Fortress 2/bin folder*. The /Team Fortress 2 folder can be located by right-clicking on Team Fortress 2 in your Steam Library and selecting Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files. If you are not using the Team Fortress 2 Hammer, instead copy this FGD file to your hammer.exe's /bin folder.
    3. Copy the included VPK file (tf2_spud_fgd.vpk) to your /Team Fortress 2/tf/custom folder.
    4. Launch/restart Hammer. Go to Tools > Options > Configurations. Under Game Data files, remove all other files. Then use the Add button and the file browser popup to find and select the tf2_spud.fgd file which you just downloaded. (The other files do not need to be selected and will be included automatically.) Select "Ok" before exiting your Hammer options, and restart Hammer. The FGD is now fully installed.
    *This exact folder is not required, this FGD file and included folder can go anywhere as long as the relative structure is maintained. The /Team Fortress 2/bin folder is the standard for storing FGD files and where Hammer will first look in when searching for new FGD files, but there is no technical requirement that this folder be used and Hammer can locate FGD files virtually anywhere on your PC. On the contrary, the VPK file MUST go in the specified location; the location of the VPK file is NOT arbitrary.

    To change any settings within the FGD file as of Version 3, such as hiding/showing line dividers, open the tf2_spud.fgd file in a plain text editor, scroll down to the "USER SETTINGS" header (line 37), and follow the instructions there.

    Engineer spawnpoint model and some icons created by A Boojum Snark (not included; see installation instructions)
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