Water "Powerup"

Water "Powerup" 1.1.1

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Water "Powerup" 1.1.1

Cyan Slow and Clear

This is a water material I made a while ago. It's bright cyan, has a slower animation framerate and is very clear. It also supports dx80.

The name comes from a map I was making during the MvA contest, but it never reached a playable state. Oh well.


  1. Extract the folder "powerup_water". You can safely rename it.
  2. Place it in "Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom\".
    Alternatively, you can place the inner folder ("materials") directly inside your "tf" folder. You decide how to best organize your files.

Note for Workshop uploads:​

You must add me as a contributor if you use this in a Team Fortress 2 Workshop upload.
Please also notify me when you do this. I can be contacted on Discord as tumby5171 and via electronic mail at tumbolisu α gmx ∘ de.
Credit is required. Permission to modify required.
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Latest updates

  1. Reupload

    Reuploaded because of the current site bug. Also changed file structure.

Latest reviews

Nice to see a DX8 compatible water that still manages to look good!