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Guardian Caster v1 missionfix1

A two-player MvM map with two floors and dynamic hazards on each floor.

Warning: This map crashes if you have mat_phong set to 0. Make sure to set it to 1 before playing. At some point I will figure out a fix for this.

Caster is a two-player Mann vs. Machine map developed for the Guardian Dynamica contest. It has a two control point layout requiring players to defend control points A and B, lest the robots capture them both and win. Tanks will cause a robot victory if they manage to deploy their bomb at point B. This map was designed specifically for one player to go Soldier or Demoman and the other Engineer, though you are free to play other classes for a challenge or if the mission calls for it. Certain wave-specific events are marked by custom icons in the Support section of such waves, as seen below.

leaderboard_class_caster_smoke_2.png leaderboard_class_caster_toxic_2.png On certain waves, either the ventilation systems or the metal storage facilities will fail, resulting in smoke or molten metal pouring into the top or bottom floor respectively. These will deal a large amount of damage to players but are harmless to robots and buildings. In rare cases, both may be present at once.

leaderboard_class_caster_grenadetank.png Behold the Grenade Tank, a special kind of tank equipped with two Gatling guns and a flag on its rear. These guns fire pipebombs into the air, which land on both floors unpredictably.

leaderboard_class_caster_cap.png Some waves happen to be especially brutal, and on these, there is no chance of holding control point A. It may be that unseen forces will cap the point for you, to 'take the burden off your shoulders', in their words.

Out in the middle of nowhere sat an isolated foundry. Mann Co. believed this to be a great secret base of operations and set up there without question, surrounding the establishment with uninhabited buildings and unmarked vehicles. It was only once the facility's power was turned on and a giant sign on the back wall was noticed that their grave mistake was truly revealed.

This foundry happened to be owned by none other than Gray Mann. When he found out that his previous robot-constructing venture had been turned into a Mann Co. base, he immediately began to send his newest army to the most accessible entrance, the loading dock. However, he had learned his mistakes from every other MvM map, thus all of these robots run on fuel instead of money, and carry bomb parts through the broken-down foundry and construct a bomb at the end.

The mercenaries were immediately called in to defend Mann Co's possessions, yet only two men could make it in time due to the call being made at a very late hour. Luckily they would be paid well for their service, but only while the robots were gone. It was clear that Gray Mann was using what little control he still had over the facility to make life hell for the mercenaries, mainly by screwing with the foundry's ventilation and piping. As well as this, he's designed a new tank that's far more dangerous than most. Thus the two unlucky souls must brave the facility, jumping from floor to floor, or perhaps just camping the points, to destroy as much robot hind as they possibly can.

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Latest updates

  1. Version 1 Mission Fix 1 (mvm_gd_caster)

    Fixed mission files from having improper brackets.
  2. Version 1 (mvm_gd_caster)

    Added hazard icon templates to the download in Paint.NET and Photoshop file formats. Allowed tank barricade to reset after waves and therefore removed a path model, stuck players are teleported a short distance. Changed textures and added...
  3. Beta 11 (mvm_gd_caster_b11)

    Added new Normal mission "Payout Paradise" by PDA Expert. Adjusted HDR settings. Converted custom sound effects to .mp3 format to reduce map file size. Fixed robots attempting to spawn at spawnbot_null not appearing. Improved navigation mesh...

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