mann vs machine

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  1. Slinkies

    mvm_battleyard fix

    NOTE: IT'S UNPLAYABLE SINCE THERES ONLY VMF FILE its an abandoned project i felt too sorry to just delete i may or may not revive it some day, im out of ideas feel free to do whatever you want with it (map is around 10% done)
  2. guan guan ghoo

    mvm_decoy_normal_nav_mesh_error_404_mann_co_not_found 1.0

    dear Mann. CO, i, Gray..., i mean, saint et, sent you as a gift for being good this year, a new wave of robots, cortesy of gray gravel company. -Sincerily, saint et,
  3. Limta Roulence

    72hr Jam 2023 Giant Soldier "trailer like" model animation 0

    I love robots. And i love MvM. It's surprising no one recreated giant soldier move animation from trailer, i find it very cool. though no one made it to the game. Unfortunately i do not have time and experience to make this animation myself, though i spend some time adapting heavy animation to...
  4. N

    Team Colored Sentry Busters 1.0

    Adds a red team skin to the sentry buster. The skin numbers match the team numbers so you can set the color to equal the teamFree to use and modify. Credit is appreciated but not required..
  5. Mikasinka

    1 Tank with 100K HP for all mvm maps v1

    Start money - 30000 Speed tank - 75 HP tank - 100000 Maps: Coaltown, Ghost town, Mannworks, Rottenburg, Decoy, Bigrock \steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\scripts\population If you don't have folder "population" - create
  6. Mikasinka

    Pop missions for search place to destroy sentry busters. v1

    Missions for search place to destroy sentry busters. All mvm maps. Coaltown, decoy, mannworks, rottenburg, mannhattan, bigrock, ghost town. Download. \steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\scripts\population If you don't have folder population then create Write in the comments or add me as a...
  7. August101

    mvm_norest a1b

    A vscript mvm experiment. In short; I recreated the spawning mechanics behind left for dead's versus mode but with units designed after payday units. The map itself is also borrowed from payday. Notice: The current build is designed with tf_mvm_defenders_team_size and...
  8. Cisne

    Problem with trigger_teleport and associated teamspawns

    Morning, So. I have two gates in my MvM map and seems that there's an issue with teleporting robots to other spawn areas. At first, it does work and robots get teleported to gate01 spawns but it spits out these errors. I have addressed this by putting infoteamspawns with the associated...
  9. Elizabeth

    Humbridge b11

    Humbridge is a reskin and overall rework of TFConnect's 2022 Minor Contest 2nd place map, Humburg. It improves the overall visual quality, alongside expanding and improving areas that could be seen as rough around the edges. This map has 2 distinct routes that are simple to navigate between...
  10. Scatter

    Gravel Pass [WIP] a1

    [DOWNLOAD COMING SOON] From the mines, the warehouse, and the roads of Gravel Pass, Colorado, defend the recently discovered Australium Gravel on behalf of Mann Co!
  11. ♓Seelpit♓

    Colorable Robot Holograms 1

    Have you ever been messing around with those cool holograms on MvM maps, when you notice that they always have that blue hue on them? Don't you ever wish you could make them a proper purple, or grey, or white? I'll assume your answer is yes, in which case, you should indeed download this! The...
  12. Akuji

    Robotic Boogaloo's Unused/Scrapped Mission 2013-03-20

    Back when the Robotic Boogaloo update was being conjured up by the community, both AbeX300 and I worked on a population file as a sort of showcase of what robot hats would be featured. NeoDement helped out by creating bodygrouped models of the robots, which ended up being used on the promotional...
  13. SnickerPuffs

    Pressure Cooker (Zythe72hr) v2

  14. Sarexicus

    Past 72hr Jam Entry Downrush a1afix

    for 72hr 2022 collaboration on map & mission with @Tiftid what if mvm, but flowing water? take exactly what you would expect with that and just... ...go with the flow.
  15. Ismaciodismorphus

    Snow Bite a4

    A snowy mvm map with a chance for a snowstorm to happen. Made for Grizzly Berry's 10 day mapping contest
  16. Noe

    MVM Metro 1

    A Mann-Vs-Machine map set in a small section of a metro. The map has two lanes, one of which is randomly selected, and is entirely underground. The map also has stacking bombs. If left unchecked, bombs can pile up and become an issue. 15 seconds after a bomb is picked up for the first time, a...
  17. Ismaciodismorphus

    Ismac mc20 a2

    its mvm map for microcontest 20
  18. Tommy the Rabbit

    Admiring a Trophy 2021-12-18

    "To bot or not to bot- wait, what's the question?" Wasn't too sure on what to make that was exclusively TF2-themed so I did something that combined a character of mine with TF2! I personally love MVM and I also love killing robots! So I decided to draw Tommy (in some of my TF2 loadout)...
  19. Ismaciodismorphus

    Grungle a3

    Fight robots in the grungel in this very small mvm map, Experience the fun of yellow fever while having your insides ground to mush.
  20. Ismaciodismorphus

    Blizzardworks b5

    Blizzard works is a ?smissmas? version of mannworks that has a blizzard gimmick that can be enabled in a missions pop file. Documentation for mission makers. To start a blizzard send a trigger output to mvm_mission_fog_relay_start. To end a blizzard send a trigger output to...