mann vs machine

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  1. ♓Seelpit♓

    Colorable Robot Holograms 1

    Have you ever been messing around with those cool holograms on MvM maps, when you notice that they always have that blue hue on them? Don't you ever wish you could make them a proper purple, or grey, or white? I'll assume your answer is yes, in which case, you should indeed download this! The...
  2. Akuji

    Robotic Boogaloo's Unused/Scrapped Mission 2013-03-20

    Back when the Robotic Boogaloo update was being conjured up by the community, both AbeX300 and I worked on a population file as a sort of showcase of what robot hats would be featured. NeoDement helped out by creating bodygrouped models of the robots, which ended up being used on the promotional...
  3. SnickerPuffs

    Pressure Cooker (Zythe72hr) v2

  4. Sarexicus

    Downrush a1afix

    for 72hr 2022 collaboration on map & mission with @Tiftid what if mvm, but flowing water? take exactly what you would expect with that and just... ...go with the flow.
  5. Ismaciodismorphus

    Snow Bite a4

    A snowy mvm map with a chance for a snowstorm to happen. Made for Grizzly Berry's 10 day mapping contest
  6. Noe

    MVM Metro 1

    A Mann-Vs-Machine map set in a small section of a metro. The map has two lanes, one of which is randomly selected, and is entirely underground. The map also has stacking bombs. If left unchecked, bombs can pile up and become an issue. 15 seconds after a bomb is picked up for the first time, a...
  7. Ismaciodismorphus

    Ismac mc20 a2

    its mvm map for microcontest 20
  8. Tommy the Rabbit

    Admiring a Trophy 2021-12-18

    "To bot or not to bot- wait, what's the question?" Wasn't too sure on what to make that was exclusively TF2-themed so I did something that combined a character of mine with TF2! I personally love MVM and I also love killing robots! So I decided to draw Tommy (in some of my TF2 loadout)...
  9. Ismaciodismorphus

    Grungle a3

    Fight robots in the grungel in this very small mvm map, Experience the fun of yellow fever while having your insides ground to mush.
  10. Ismaciodismorphus

    Blizzardworks b5

    Blizzard works is a ?smissmas? version of mannworks that has a blizzard gimmick that can be enabled in a missions pop file. Documentation for mission makers. To start a blizzard send a trigger output to mvm_mission_fog_relay_start. To end a blizzard send a trigger output to...
  11. Startacker!

    Bloodlust B6

    Bloodlust is a "blood themed" MvM map. Take to a remote camping and logging ground with an unknown ritual taking place. It just so happens that ritual has left a convenient hatch-shaped hole for the robots to throw a bomb into.
  12. JohnsBriefcase

    MVM Workshop RC1

    Once you download it, extract all and then look into the README for further instructions. This map is a Christmas themed map. Yes it may be a little late for Christmas but I can do what I want. This is also the first mvm map I'd made from scratch and I think it turned out well, next I want to...
  13. *Turns into crocodile*

    Paddock a1

  14. Bazooks

    Golf with a Friend b4

    Use the Heavy's knockback rage upgrade to push an otherwise invincible robot to a hole. Playable by up to two players at a time, but only as Heavy. Created for the Guardian Dynamica contest. Golf ball icon by lite ( )
  15. Jack5

    Guardian Caster v1 missionfix1

    Warning: This map crashes if you have mat_phong set to 0. Make sure to set it to 1 before playing. At some point I will figure out a fix for this. Description Caster is a two-player Mann vs. Machine map developed for the Guardian Dynamica contest. It has a two control point layout requiring...
  16. Startacker!

    Crown RC1

    Crown Started by @Dayal
  17. Startacker!


    My corporeal body begins to disintegrate for every minute I spend on this map. It is radioactive. Differences: - Pro Alpine Theme - Pro Side Spawn - Pro Upgrade Station Comes with mission maker txt file if you're insane enough to make a mission.
  18. Startacker!

    Agitated A2

    Agitated is the gutting of an unreleased April Fools map. I changed the layout around a lot, lets see how it works.
  19. Divine

    The Will of Just One Soul 2020-09-06

    A Red soldier defends Mann Co. against Grey's robots with nothing but a pistol, and a whole bunch of shovels, and pickaxes.
  20. Startacker!

    NULL B9A