Generic Industrial Sign Pack

Generic Industrial Sign Pack 3

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Generic Industrial Sign Pack 3

35 or so new signs with an industrial vibe

A set of 35 (not including variants) signs of various kinds, not much more to say other than that really.

Put the .vtf & .vmt files in your materials/signs folder for this to work!
(If you've downloaded the previous version and are asked if you want to replace files already in your folder, please say yes!)

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Latest updates

  1. Update & New Signs Galore

    Big ole update, brings the total amount of signs up to 35 (not including variants)! Some of the original designs from 2017 have been removed or updated as I was no longer entirely happy with their quality. :) Here's the new overview:
  2. Update and 2 extra signs

    New update, here's what's changed: - Removed "implications" from a certain sign, sorry about that and for taking so long to fix! - Added 2 more signs, warning of moving trucks and forklifts respectively. Here's a new overview of what they all...

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