Guardian Caster v1 missionfix1

A two-player MvM map with two floors and dynamic hazards on each floor.

  1. Version 1 Mission Fix 1 (mvm_gd_caster)

    • Fixed mission files from having improper brackets.
  2. Version 1 (mvm_gd_caster)

    • Added hazard icon templates to the download in Paint.NET and Photoshop file formats.
    • Allowed tank barricade to reset after waves and therefore removed a path model, stuck players are teleported a short distance.
    • Changed textures and added props, brushes and overlays based on Docteur Whoa's artpass.
    • Fixed path models near the bomb hatch not reflecting the correct path.
    • Included VGUI photos in map.
    • Moved the giant melting pot to the side so jumping between the...
  3. Beta 11 (mvm_gd_caster_b11)

    • Added new Normal mission "Payout Paradise" by PDA Expert.
    • Adjusted HDR settings.
    • Converted custom sound effects to .mp3 format to reduce map file size.
    • Fixed robots attempting to spawn at spawnbot_null not appearing.
    • Improved navigation mesh and excluded it from packing.
    • Overhauled spectator cameras and added camera props at their locations.
    • Set spawn point order of RED team.
    • Slightly changed textures to improve aesthetics.
    • Updated path models to be...
  4. Beta 10 (mvm_gd_caster_b10)

    • Added posters from WAR! update propaganda posters.
    • Implemented path model relays, which can be utilised per wave to help players know where to defend.
    • Increased amount of ammunition obtainable from the bottom floor.
    • Lighting overhauled to use mostly spotlights.
    • Mini upgrade stations created in each spawn that are useable during waves, some props from...
  5. Beta 9 + Beta Pass 1 (mvm_gd_caster_b8/bp1)

    • Added Beta Pass 1 by Docteur Whoa, functions identically to Beta 9 but with a different map file and layout.
    • Allowed Ubercharged players to travel through hazards harm-free.
    • Increased amount of ammunition obtainable from top floor.
    • Reverted respawn cabinets to previous version where they become unavailable during waves.
    • Various mission fixes and adjustments.
  6. Beta 8 (mvm_gd_caster_b8)

    • Added "Policy Violation" mission by PDA Expert, and "Melting Point" mission by randomguy.
    • Created an additional spawn point outside of the map for use in missions requiring timers.
    • Changed the grenade tank spawning mechanism, allowing it to be spawned once per wave instead of once per mission.
    • Changed the grenade tank's look to add a small flag on its back side.
    • Moved robot spawnroom triggers further forward.
    • Sealed the pit directly in front of the final point....
  7. Beta 7 (mvm_gd_caster_b7)

    • Added a Grenade Tank based on the MvM Sticky Tank Prefab, it can only be summoned once per mission at this time.
    • Added "Breaking Meltdown" mission by randomguy and adjusted all other mission files.
    • Changed robot navigation slightly.
    • Fixed robot Spies being able to get inside RED spawn rooms.
    • Fixed construction cable not being packed...
  8. Beta 6 (mvm_gd_caster_b6)

    • Added Magma Madness mission by randomguy.
    • Added relay for capturing the first control point immediately as the wave begins.
    • Added prototype sticky tank that doesn't function correctly, added to test mission regardless.
    • Added new hazard icons for the control point and the sticky tank.
    • Changed various props, clipping and lighting....
  9. Beta 5 (mvm_gd_caster_b5)

    • Added detail previously removed in beta 4 for RED spawnrooms and BLU spawn, as well as a 3D skybox by BLU side.
    • Added many extra props, overlays and cables.
    • Added "Blast Pit" and "Molten Mass" missions by PDA Expert, as well as "Standard Sequence" mission.
    • Added soundscapes and additional sound ambience, including an automated announcer system that speaks lines of dialogue randomly and upon events starting and ending.
    • Added failsafe for when Medic robots lose their...
  10. Beta 4 (mvm_gd_caster_b4)

    • Added English file.
    • Added secondary exits to both RED spawn rooms to help with killing robots on the final point.
    • Added support for Engineer robots.
    • Changed hazard icons so they stand out compared to regular robot icons.
    • Changed size of capture areas.
    • Changed gate and surrounding brushes so the forward robot spawn is further back.
    • Changed speed of descending resupply cabinets.
    • Fixed giant robots getting stuck on the top floor when walking across diagonal...