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  1. Pigzit

    72hr Jam 2023 Qanaa 72 a1

    Didn't have nearly as much time as I'd have liked this year, so I had to scrap the 3rd point altogether to get it gameplay ready in time. May go back and add the 3rd control point if I find a design I'm happy with before the jam ends. Overall still happy with the map, and had a lot of fun...
  2. joshtrademark

    Parkes A3

    A 2CP map with a big radio telescope in the middle. This map was inspired by Parkes Observatory, a huge radio telescope in Australia that captured the moon landing. Hope you enjoy my map!
  3. TrustyGun

    Silageview a2

    Silage, Noun "Fodder prepared by compressing and fermenting green forage crops under anaerobic conditions, usually in a silo." A simple 2CP A/D map with the cp_dustbowl aesthetic.
  4. ArtZ

    Pinerock rc1

    2CP A/D map with an alpine setting. BLU pushes through a staging building to an open A courtyard and after sidewinding pushes up a hill to B, with buildings flanking either side.
  5. Tang

    Kauffmann a4

    A rustic little map settled into a mountainous river gorge
  6. Emil_Rusboi

    Emil Naty MC22 a1

    Microcontest 22 collab entry by me and Nat-Tea
  7. Aulli

    Goldwood (Arena) a2b

    With the Original 5cp variant of Goldwood originating from a mode shift, I thought it'd only be right to give it another mode shift spinoff as I'm nearing completion. Custom assets: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/tall-thin-pine-trees.5846/ https://tf2maps.net/downloads/landfall-assets.1260/...
  8. FlyingEngineer

    Reboot A2

    Reboot is a research center. Currently just glorified 2cp, the goal is to make a fully working territorial control map.
  9. *Turns into crocodile*

    Renuclose a20b

    Overgrown pack: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/overgrown-prop-pack.4179/ Cardboard boxes: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/dans-laughter-and-slaughter-assets.9751/
  10. zythe_

    muskox v2 a1

    a remake of cp_muskox, hopefully better this time...
  11. Rhamkin

    TrainRhamkin a4

  12. *Turns into crocodile*

    Farala a3a

    Custom content: - https://tf2maps.net/downloads/tall-thin-pine-trees.5846/
  13. This Guy.

    Training Exercise for bots 2 v1

    Now with a bridge! Here's another cp map for bots, this time, smaller. it contains a sniper spot, a bunch of buildings and the water is actually used as an obstacle instead of just... being there. There is no custom navigation file. nav_generate fully works, without several bugs. Bugs I could...
  14. Keizer Ei

    Sentinel A8

    First attempt at A/D that will get playtested. Aims to do what Gorge did and improve upon it. I intend for this map to be challenging for BLU to win but not easy for RED to defend. Will potentially be the last stage in a multi-stage A/D map. Images are of alpha 5.
  15. Rhamkin

    cp_SnowBrainer a2

    Welcome to my first finished a/d map hope yall have fun
  16. Jameson

    Molten a1

    HOT! Molten is a gorge-like ad map with 2 points, including the addition of lava side routes for classes that feature fire resistance/extinguishables. The lava uses a trigger_ignite and deals 20 dmg per second without any resistances so there is potential for environmental kills. Not sure how...
  17. 14bit

    14bit MC16 A1

    A compact 2cp arena map built around some pillars for Microcontest 16: Exclusion Zone! It features open-air spawns, jump pads, and a wild 3D skybox.
  18. Owli

    Gravel Gate a8

    A map where industrial blu are trying to capture a horn from a Japanese village and the red are protecting it.
  19. Alex.bsp

    Grove A1

    My first A/D map!
  20. Jack5

    Guardian Caster v1 missionfix1

    Warning: This map crashes if you have mat_phong set to 0. Make sure to set it to 1 before playing. At some point I will figure out a fix for this. Description Caster is a two-player Mann vs. Machine map developed for the Guardian Dynamica contest. It has a two control point layout requiring...