Zombie Survival Skyscraper v9_fix

The most elaborate ZS map, including the most memorable easter egg.

  1. Jack5
    It has been a long while since a new Zombie Survival map from me, for I was busy working on this piece: zs_skyscraper. It's an adaptation of Docteur Whoa's map, with fixed map logic and collisions for the most part. The one notable feature of the map is that it's missing a full half of its original self, so that getting lost isn't as easy, nor is hiding for a long period of time.

    Play Requirements
    Private Playtesting
    A private playtest can be performed without the need of the Zombie Survival gamemode. In order to load the map, open Team Fortress 2 and type in the developer console "map " without quotations.

    To simulate the height of the double jump that Medics have in Zombie Survival, type "sv_gravity 400". To restore gravity to normal, type "sv_gravity 800".

    Public Server
    This map is built specifically for Rushy Servers, a Team Fortress 2 server group designed to support a native Zombie Survival gamemode. If you wish to run this map on your own public server, the following requirements must be met server-side:
    • Restrict RED team to Engineers with no sentries and BLU team to Medics with melee only.
    • The BLU team cannot move for 30 seconds and are always Ubered while in their spawn.
    • The BLU team can press a key while in the air to jump again, but only once, until they touch the ground.
    • Dead RED team members are immediately moved to the BLU team.
    • If the RED team is empty, force the BLU team to win. If the RED team is not empty after 7 minutes, force the RED team to win.
    Initial map design by Docteur Woah. Most textures and models belong to Valve Corporation, with some taken from Galactic Cafe's The Stanley Parable. Modifications made to suit Zombie Survival by Jack (Jack5) Stringer.


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