control points

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  1. Padre Snowmizzle

    Crevice (CP)/(8CP)/(KOTH?) 1.2.1

    Will you take the fall, or stand on top to hold as many points as possible in the mining crevices? Rocks! Rocks as far as the eye can see... well, you're in a big hole, so you can only see so far away. Then if you fall into the canyons, that'll be even deeper. That means more rocks for you...
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Pines a2

    single stage a/d map 2 points, in canada or something idk
  3. JayCatnip

    CP_DomeTower_B3 2023-10-03

    All future development of this map has been ceased.
  4. Padre Snowmizzle

    Pitch Park (PL) 1.1.3

    Sun Tzu had to train to become a great warrior, and for Teufort's amusement, you will too! Looks like the lot of you got yourselves in trouble with the Teufort law once again. Blame Soldier and Scout for getting into heated arguments with the parents in the middle of a little league game...
  5. KatwithaKinit

    cp_stargazer a4

    A simple, single stage attack defend map. This is my first go at an attack/defend map, so please tell me what I could improve! Plot: BLU has setup a small communications facility connected to their satellites. In response to this, RED have made an even bigger facility on top of BLU's land for...
  6. Padre Snowmizzle

    Medieval Rook (KOTH) 1.1.1

    Sharpen your swords, flame your arrows, and don your preferred powerup; let's crank our medieval warfare up a notch! Rook reeks of magic- not Merasmus, though, some other oddity... Mannpower powerups. We know 'em, we have mixed feelings on 'em. What if I told you Rook contains the solution to...
  7. maddie!

    72hr Jam 2023 3CP Tenement 72H

    A frantic 3CP map set between two dilapidated tenements in New York. Possible balance concerns (feedback needed!) Mid to last choke sightline possibly too long Defenders may spawn too close to point Mid unlock might be too fast Point capture time may need to be adjusted Known Issues: Visible...
  8. dabmasterars

    Standin (VScript Conquest) V1

    DESCRIPTION This variation of the map Standin has a unique ruleset. You need to capture the control points to collect points, which are gained for every second a control point is under your team's control. The first team to reach the target wins. This map uses VScript for logic and has a custom...
  9. Padre Snowmizzle

    Zeppelin (KOTH) 1.0.1

    Australium, a fuel for fancy airships, and a pilot for an ever-chaotic war. Well mercenaries, this mission's going to take you to new heights! A popular shipment zeppelin is carrying a motherlode of Austrailium. I'm sure the suits wouldn't mind either team borrowing some of it... Jump out of...
  10. Padre Snowmizzle

    Windmill (PL) 1.1.3

    Honor the lives of brave Soldiers by fighting alongside their healing memorials. A village, home to countless brave Soldiers who have died in the line of duty, has some not-so-ethical experiments being conducted by RED. BLU has to shut it down by escorting a rigged trailer to RED's medical lab...
  11. JayCatnip

    CP_DomeTower_A5 Alpha 5

    Made a lot of changes and improvements have been made since the last Alpha. No more ridiculous Sniper sightlines. I hope. And the tower now has an actual dome. Special thanks to the folks at TF2Maps, and Alexine, for providing much-needed feedback and critique.
  12. JayCatnip

    CP_DomeTower_A4 2023-07-19

    DomeTower! Capture the point on the tower, and then the one next to your enemy's spawn to win the round! But be careful, the tower point will still be vulnerable, and if it's captured by the enemy team, your team's point (which takes less time to capture than the tower point) is free for any...
  13. AlrexX [she/they]

    Multi Stage Ironcliff S1A4a

    Haven't made an A/D style layout in a while lol. Rock cliff texture by Zeus.
  14. jnts

    Four-team Alphabetical Control Point Holograms 1.0

    Inspired by Icarus' models and wanting to use them in my own 4-team domination map, I decided to expand on his work by adding the relevant submodels for GRN and YLW. If you want to do something like this yourself, or edit these models in particular, all you need are: - VTFEdit to convert...
  15. Dr. Martex

    CP Gravelfall a1

    Welcome to Gravelfall, a 3CP attack/defend map with an MvM theme. Taking place after the events of TF-Comics #6, the robots have come back from one final brawl, while red team holes up in an abandoned Mann Co. Data Center/gravel processing plant. Be aware, this map is very early alpha, I'm...
  16. Asimuth

    Tracking Control Point Ownership

    Hello! I have a map in which there are 7 control points (all neutral by default), and it's supposed to work in a way that when a team captures all 7, the other team's base barrier is lowered. Tracking which teams owns the control points is a bit tricky. My first naive implementation was having...
  17. ThatGreenSpyGuy

    Urise A3

    A simple payload map with a simple twist. Points B and D are accompanied by a lock that temporarily halts the cart, forcing BLU to instead capture a nearby control point in order to progress. I have not made a map in nearly 2 years, so it likely won't be all that good (especially considering...
  18. TrustyGun

    Silageview a2

    Silage, Noun "Fodder prepared by compressing and fermenting green forage crops under anaerobic conditions, usually in a silo." A simple 2CP A/D map with the cp_dustbowl aesthetic.
  19. MilkMaster72

    Carrier B1

    Become the machine and destroy RED's missile! Carrier is a CTF/CP hybrid, where BLU must escort a giant bomb-carrying robot to destroy RED's missile. Unlike MVM, the BLU robot is controlled by a real player, who's been strengthened. Uses assets from: Frontline! asset pack Overgrown prop pack...
  20. Barion

    Taigalab b7

    Map set in a lab deep down in Siberia. The lab used to processes Australium into Chugunium alloy the experimental weaponry that resurrected the dead. Red is fighting for Oleg Krasnov, ex-member of the research tean who doesn't want the experimental data and remaining chugunium to get into the...