control points

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  1. Barion

    Taigalab a4

    Map set in a lab deep down in Siberia. The lab used to processes Australium into Chugunium alloy the experimental weaponry that resurrected the dead. Red is fighting for Oleg Krasnov, ex-member of the research tean who doesn't want the experimental data and remaining chugunium to get into the...
  2. Lupe #savetf2

    Cp_storage 1.0

    My first Cp map and in my opinion the best map i have ever made. Cp_storage take place in a Mann Co. storage how have been dominated by the Red Team, and now the Blue team have to take it back. The fight take place in 2 different areas, the first point being in a large open area, and the...
  3. GeeNoVoid

    cp_spytech_mall a1

    In this thrilling episode the mercenaries fight over a public shopping mall. Made for the 2022 72 Hour Jam.
  4. F

    Sleight 72hr a2

    Sleight is a symmetrical 3CP map made for the TF2Maps 72 Hour Jam, which aims to avoid stalemates with a shorter timer (capped at 5 minutes) and a shortcut to the middle point which is accessible for the team who currently controls it. Uses Yrr's Locked Door Texture...
  5. cakedon

    Depot (Control Points) 0.6

    I got a late start to this Jam and this may or may not be the main factor in not finishing this. Might just classify this as Scene Decoration, or something like that. Anyways, in its finished state, this would be a CP map with 2 control points (budget's a beach) set in a snowy valley on a foggy...
  6. Skylark

    Circular Control Points 1.0

    Haii, it's been a while. I'm not back permanently but I couldn't pass up a 72hr jam. I'll probably be back after the summer, also I'm getting married in a week! Like with the campaign gamemode I made an interactive diagram for this gamemode which you can find it here The gamemode has 4 points...
  7. Snevs

    Valveworld a1

    Valveworld is a payload map, celebrating three of Valves most loveable franchises. From Black Mesa to Aperture Science to Mercy Hospital rooftop. This is gonna be SHIT
  8. Cyberen

    Majority Prefab Control Points 2022-02-18

    For those who want a CP-domination map like Standin that isn't all-or-nothing, this barebones prefab is for you! This is for crazy maps where players might not reach or capture all the points in time. To expand this to a 5cp or 7cp map, copy the points and increase the logic_compare value from...
  9. Cyberen

    Steamboat Race 5E

    Like Balloon Race or Wacky Races, this best-of-seven competition occurs in two steamboats traveling to each point. Capture four to win! Special rounds include: Downstream One-and-Done (KOTH mode) Lots-a-Crocs (water is deadly) Oven Hell (portals at points) Overdrive (only shooting the paddlebox...
  10. Pigzit

    Frostkeep pa2v9

    5cp map in a Medieval theme taking place across 2 walled cities fighting for a no-man's-land fortress. Map is currently unfinished- spent too much time detailing and haven't placed forward spawns or the blue side of the map- post 72hr BSP with functional gamemode will be posted in a few hours...
  11. Tang

    cp_kodiak a5

    Uploaded at Alpha 1
  12. Dupiter

    Pascal A1

    Pascal is an in-dev map set in a """top secret""" underwater facility. Of course, right now it looks nothing like that, but hey, that's what the development phase is for.
  13. lol no

    Red team auto-wins the match on round start (5CP)

    I've been configuring the points on my new WiP 5CP map (adding index numbers, implementing outputs, basic gamemode logic basically), and all seems fine enough so far. But there's one pretty major bug that's been plaguing my progress, that being that Red team always wins the match immediately...
  14. Vert

    cp_tcdom_vert a4

    For ages, humankind has struggled with many challenges. Many tasks deemed far too dangerous to be worth solving. How to create world peace? How to end world hunger? How to travel faster than light? How to make territorial control good? I, like everyone else, have attempted to solve at least one...
  15. Switchgeer

    Multi Stage cp_switchgeer_mc18 a1

    way too rushed. we;ll see!
  16. Sonoma

    Medieval Scurvy a4

    Steal the enemy's treasure map, once you do, defend your treasure from the enemy to win I made this for fun I don't really have any intention of finishing this. Mostly just seeing how the gamemode works Thanks to Radarhead for the rope textures Tianes for the sharks Billo for the cannon logic...
  17. leezo

    A/D PASS Time + CP - Gamemode Prefab Version 1

    A prefab for a PASS Time gamemode variant where Blu needs to score a goal in order to unlock the control point they need to capture before it locks itself down after a set amount of time.
  18. Loose Noose

    cp_aliendonut a1c

    Please leave any and all feedback!
  19. Aulli

    symmetrical cp, Goldwood (Alpha, Invite)

    Made in mc13, I decided on a whim to make it a symmetrical 5 cp map. Turns out, apparently people like it? But a problem: I don't like 5 cp. Alpha 5 currently, I feel like it's about 40% or so through alpha? It's unconventional for a map of its...
  20. GreenGuyCombine

    5cp_cliffsandpits A4

    A fairly straightforward 5cp map (I hope). So far I'm happy with the layout of the map so I'm uploading it here for some playtesting feedback to see what needs any changes.