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CP Hybrid v4

3CP and KOTH combine to make this strange theme-hybrid map.

  1. Jack5
    Hybrid (cp_hybrid_v2) is the result of a large-scale effort to create a competitive-oriented map with community friendly elements, that has a CP gamemode similar to Soldier_engie-demo's ato_mission. The project was headed by Jack5, responsible for map logic, certain custom materials, soundscapes, fixes and publishing, and Docteur Whoa, who created much of the layout and visuals of the map (his initial artpass is publicly available here). Soldier_engie-demo also assisted in the map's development during its early stages as an alpha.
    Hybrid's gamemode is a combination of Symmetrical Control Points and King of the Hill. In order for a team to progress, they must own both the Courtyard and the Warehouse in order to unlock the ability to attack the enemy's intelligence point (either B or R, depending on the defending team). A game is won when a team owns all four control points.

    Jack5 - Project lead
    Docteur Whoa - Artpasser
    Soldier_engie-demo - Original concept


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