Multi Stage Enclosure rc9b

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Multi Stage Enclosure rc9b

A nice, multistaged Jungle-themed payload map. (WIP)

Welcome, to Charles Darling's Triassic Preserve!

The past - today!

Enclosure is a three-stage payload map inspired by your favorite dinosaur movie.
First release
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Latest updates

  1. Update to version rc9b

    -Adjusted fade distances on a number of props. -Fixed a faulty occluder in stage 3 final area. -Changed stage 2 blu spawn layout. -Added security camera props in position of some of the observer points.
  2. Update to version rc9a

    >Stage 1 -Cut down on size of OOB areas in aviary bit, and second half of the stage. -Added occluders in several places. >Stage 2 -Redesigned last point building of stage 2. -Added occluders in several places. >Stage 3 -Added occluders in several...
  3. Update to version RC9 (hopefully final)

    >Overall -Replaced borneo assets with E-Arkham's and Pear's foliage models. -Hopefully fixed displacement seams popping up here and there. >Stage 1 -Added a few pickups in initial area. >Stage 2 -Changed water in out of bounds area behind red...

Latest reviews

incredibly well detailed, fun gameplay and geometry. Super large but still well made. It's a shame it usually doesnt reach the 3rd stage.
This should've been in Jungle Inferno! Will credit you and add this to my server!
I really enjoy Enclosure - It's a blast to play and refresh after playing repetitious payload cult classics like Upward and Badwater Basin. I enjoy the areas of the map. Perhaps the first section in area 1 is a bit too squeezed, especially the area between A and B. Sometimes, the map feels a little too large, such as the first part in Area 3, and at other times a bit too squeezed, such as B in area 2.
Looks great, not the best gameplay.
Fantastic looking map that also plays well.