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  1. Brushwagg Connoisseur

    cp_cratefactory a1

    finally getting back in the swing of things, map might be too small.
  2. Little Skull Kid

    Courtyard 1.1

    Battle it out at late night in the inner courtyard of these two factories to control this rather important (trust me) satellite dish! A mirrored King of the Hill map, rather straightforward and small in length, but with lots of flank routes and industrial-sized vertical height. My first map...
  3. VOID & NULL

    assembly a2

    A 3 point small payload map set in one of Gray Mann's old robot factories. Currently in Alpha.
  4. MegapiemanPHD

    Motorcity a1

    Red teams at it again. This time they are developing some kind of new vehicle they call the D.U.M.B (Deployable Ultimate Mobile Base) hidden within the perfect cover, a car factory. Credits: Layout - MegapiemanPHD Vehicle Props - FGD5
  5. BadassCook

    Bonecrusher Event b3

    (Remake of the 3cp Bonecrusher)
  6. BadassCook

    Bonecrusher b1

    3cp halloween map, takes place in robot factory
  7. DoctorDoomtrain64

    Machine (Ravine Event) a1a

    Welcome to the Machine! A new take on the classic Arena map Ravine using the Ghost mechanic from Graveyard! Fight to defeat all of the other mercenaries or take the control point in an abandoned factory overrun with all things spooky and scary! Assets used: Ghost models, spellbook particles and...
  8. Micky Smouse

    koth_crossway a1

    Koth crossway is a map with a layout designed to be fast paced and dynamic. The spaces where imagined to favor a circular motion and allow for fun interactions (at least that's what I'm hopping for) The map is set between two fake factories created by each team to serve as a cover story while...
  9. Aapelikaeki

    Apple (duel edit) A2

    This is a duel edit of my map dm_apple for Open Fortress! Apple is a duel map where you fight in a vibrant yet abandoned apple juice factory. Watch the journey of an apple from being brought in to being shipped off as a box of juice. Take a swim in the apple washing pool or fall in the...
  10. Aapelikaeki

    Apple B2A

    Apple is a deathmatch map for Open Fortress. Fight in an abandoned apple juice factory where you can watch the journey of an apple from being brought in to being shipped off as a box of juice. Take a swim in the apple washing pool or fall in the comically large grinder! Discover the superspy...
  11. Springy

    mc16 Springwarrior a1

    Teams face off each other in an area filled with giant blocky factory buildings. Who is the first to get their cart to perform a cool ramp trick? Wait I didn't finish the ramp finale
  12. Harry Houdini

    mvm_Faza RC4

    MvM_Faza - This is an abandoned Factory located in the western part of Eurasia, surrounded by forest. In the main part of the Factory is a hatch with Australium. You must defend the Australium at all costs!
  13. Tagoz LFT

    koth_pipeworks b1

    koth_pipeworks_b1 Made for 4s, may work in 6s :]
  14. Springy

    smeltery a1

    some gimmicky invade CTF thing I made, decided to upload just in case I want to put it to a map test Bombs randomly spawn on conveyor in the middle of the map, which you need to deliver to both enemy points, and defend yours at the same time
  15. Jack5

    Guardian Caster v1 missionfix1

    Warning: This map crashes if you have mat_phong set to 0. Make sure to set it to 1 before playing. At some point I will figure out a fix for this. Description Caster is a two-player Mann vs. Machine map developed for the Guardian Dynamica contest. It has a two control point layout requiring...
  16. Dasprucegoose

    canyonplant a4

    RED and BLU have built rival factories wedged between the walls of a canyon, located just North of the Badwater Pipeline. The two competing teams have both dominated most of the canyon, and only a small platform in between the two fortresses remains untouched.
  17. Mercia

    Metanol A3 (fix2)

    Two teams fighting in a facility filled with explosive barrels to the brim. I think that kinda fits TF2's themes and silly humour. This is my first tf2 map. ~~~ Overwiew image:
  18. Indigo AM roadkill

    Multi Stage pl_nightrain a13

    The map's main feature is its division into four separate designs between each capture point. The first is an upward-style open badlands area The second is a crowded refinery/factory with multiple suspended platforms The third is a tunnel-like cave area with large death pits The final is...
  19. Jakcie Chan

    pl_genericbuilding a4

    Hi, I made this first map to teach myself how to overall publish maps onto this site and experiencing play testing as a creator. I made this map to try and make flanking classes like scout or pyro be able to still do something vs red engies while making red still be able to defend. I did this...
  20. Smg065

    Beachside Factory (72 Hour Jam Version) B2

    Nothing screams 'Hot, Summer Fun' like hard labor in an unventilated factory! That's why for this 2019 summer jam, we decided that tropical trees, sandy shores and fun in the sun could ONLY be improved by tampering with nature and spitting in the face of it's beauty. Swim in the only...