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  1. TH3 D34DL3$$

    trigger_timer_movable 0.9.2

    Somewhat lightweight script that manages the object movement in relation to the capture progress of spectified capture area's point Setup: 1) Setup any supported movable object how you'd normally do (Note: make sure there are nothing that changes the speed and moving direction of the entity. It...
  2. Elizabeth

    Whitecliff Event rc2

    Whitecliff event is a spookified version of Whitecliff that features such haunting sights such as Zombies , fog, a Church, and Britan! You must defend the Mann Co. Radio Broadcast Center from falling to the rotting hands of the enemy! These zombies have brought along some forbidden litrature...
  3. Jakapoa

    mvm_gd_crossing b3b

    A Mann Co distribution center out in the badlands is under robot attack! Crossing is a Guardian Dynamica MvM map meant for two players. Players must defend a roadside Mann Co distribution center from invading robots. Features 3 capture points. Robots will attempt to capture one of the A...
  4. Jack5

    Guardian Caster v1 missionfix1

    Warning: This map crashes if you have mat_phong set to 0. Make sure to set it to 1 before playing. At some point I will figure out a fix for this. Description Caster is a two-player Mann vs. Machine map developed for the Guardian Dynamica contest. It has a two control point layout requiring...
  5. Elizabeth

    Whitecliff rc3

    A mvm map set alongside the cliffs of Dover. Featuring a capture point bots can use to open a quicker routes to the bomb hatch and a totally well thought out, balanced pop file to make it all playable. Made for the 72 hr Summer Jam Birchly - layout, detailing, asset creation Elizabeth- logic...
  6. rafradek

    Medieval Minceraft A13

    This medieval map was made using the map converter Stop the bomb carrier from capturing the main gate Features custom upgrades "sv_allow_point_servercommand always" is recommended to prevent medieval autorp I am also accepting custom missions made for this map, i would be thankful
  7. Lightyena

    Help with Gatebots

    i don't how start make a simple gatebot for test; Can someone tell me a tutorial how to create them? preferably in video.