guardian dynamica

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  1. Startacker!

    Minor Contest #2: Guardian Dynamica [RESULTS]

    Top 3: 1st place: Fastener, by @pont 2nd place: Summer, by @PigPig and @FlipFTW 3rd place: Caster, by @Jack5, @PDA Expert, @randomguy 2, and @Docteur Whoa Full results available on Google Sheets. A big congratulations goes out to the winners, and a thank you to everyone who entered an entry...
  2. Jakapoa

    mvm_gd_crossing b3b

    A Mann Co distribution center out in the badlands is under robot attack! Crossing is a Guardian Dynamica MvM map meant for two players. Players must defend a roadside Mann Co distribution center from invading robots. Features 3 capture points. Robots will attempt to capture one of the A...
  3. Startacker!

    Minor Contest #2: Guardian Dynamica [SUBMISSION THREAD]

    Banner by Startacker Deadline The contest soft deadline is on January 12th, 2021 at 23:59 UTC There is a 48 hour grace period after the soft deadline where you can fix bugs, afterwards, no more updates will be accepted. If you discover a bug with your final submitted version, you have the...
  4. pont

    fastener b3a

    first place in the guardian dynamica contest. :) guardian MvM is intended for two players. in place of a bomb, robots ride a pl_frontier-style train, with a secondary support train that ferries additional robots in. wrangling nextbots has never been more tedious.
  5. Jack5

    Guardian Caster v1 missionfix1

    Warning: This map crashes if you have mat_phong set to 0. Make sure to set it to 1 before playing. At some point I will figure out a fix for this. Description Caster is a two-player Mann vs. Machine map developed for the Guardian Dynamica contest. It has a two control point layout requiring...
  6. Startacker!

    Minor Contest #2: Guardian Dynamica

    Banner by Startacker I'm gonna be real with you, this is going to be one of the most experimental and complex contests we've ever run. Still being real with you, I'm going to love every moment of it. You have a little over a month and a half to make and submit a (preferably early beta) map...
  7. Startacker!

    Guardian Dynamica Prefab Missions V2

    Made for Guardian Dynamica, comes with two missions made by Startacker, one by Crinitus. Includes a custom material file created by Lite You are free to use these missions in any project and modify them, as long as credit is attributed to the original creators. THESE DO NOT COUNT TO THE...