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Patchy the pirate

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Apr 9, 2022

This set on a similar asteroid as pl_breadspace
-A custom skybox of dark, deep space with bright streaks running across it in timed intervals
-The middle point being an excavation site for crystalized Australium
-Both teams' spawns being crudely built space base with the spawn doors acting as airlocks
-Instead of using man-made walls to block out players viewing the ends of the map, set the entire map in a gigantic crater surrounding everything
-Definitely DON'T add the suffocation condition to all players that leave spawn, so everyone just slowly dies before reaching the middle cp :winkwink:




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Aug 2, 2022
- A Steel-type Control Point map set underwater.

I'm not 100% well versed in the relevant flags, but is it possible to completely disable drowning damage for players?

If so, reign of the pyroshark.

- A Four Team Domination map that changes to a different gamemode after the round ends.

I've played ctf_scurvy which actually does this somewhat, it's CTF to three and then transitions to a single point A/D map with the defender being the team that won CTF.​