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  1. Yaki

    Generator Destruction Signs v2

    Signs that say "GENERATOR" or "BATTERY" on them. Meant for the Generator Destruction game mode. File path for all the signs is props_yaki/generator_destruction/signs/ Drop in your Custom folder to use them. No credit needed. I included a GIMP file for those that want to make their own signs or...
  2. Yaki

    Mitochondria A3

    Generator Destruction (GD for short) is a custom game mode in which players must shoot up a generator on the opposing team and destroy it to win. There are different versions of GD made by the community. In my version, the generator is invulnerable, until two separate batteries are destroyed in...
  3. Sonoma

    Texas a7a

    Credits: Yaki for the logic prefab This is a Generator Destruction map Destroy the enemy's generator to win the game. There are two batteries that you can destroy to weaken the shields The batteries can be repaired after being destroyed by standing next to them THIS GAMEMODE IS STILL A WIP...
  4. Mess About

    rotors a2

    my "backup" map idea for the Pick it up! map contest i made a big mistake, spent way too much time on the detailing of the "main" map and got stuck. So have decided to postpone it and make another one instead (screenshot later, now i got to sleep)
  5. Mess About

    generator a2

    my "come back" map after a long break, this map is a mix between Powerhouse and Turbine (only the details not layout) Spawnroom Middle area Main attack route Intel room
  6. Da Spud Lord

    Random Loadout Generator App for Android V1.0

    About a month ago, I spent a week in a forest with a bunch of boring people and my phone. To pass the days, I downloaded a neat, simple little mobile IDE called Sketchware (#NotSponsored), and used that to make this. I then promptly forgot about it until now, when I decided I'd share it because...
  7. The_Evil_Pickle

    TF2 Map Scrambler 1.0.1

    Last jam I made a program that tried to create good maps from scratch. This time, I've made a program that ruins perfectly good maps! Why? Because I can! And also because I just didn't have a lot of time to work with and made the first thing that jumped into my head. Introducing: The TF2 map...
  8. Spike Nitros

    The Generator Cart 2021-11-28

    An electric payload cart. Good for powering bridges, blast doors, lights and death rays! Includes 2 skins, 2 LODs & 4 animations When using this model in your map, consider crediting the creators (Spike Nitros, Hex & IJCT) properly, or add us as contributors. Do not modify the textures or...
  9. SnickerPuffs

    The (hopefully) First TF2 Map Idea Generator!

    This generator randomly picks from a pool of game modes and map ideas to give you a map idea that most likely hasn't been done before. It generates 4 random map ideas, but you can make this number bigger or smaller if you want. Click here to go to the generator. (Current version : v2.8) Here...