map ideas

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  1. Treetalk

    How do I transition from a Cave to Spytech?

    I'm a new mapper working on a cave-setting 3CP map, I want to transition from a cave to Spytech, any suggestions / Ideas? Thanks in advance. (Area in question is the middle exit for BLU, with just a floor.)
  2. WhoWee!

    Ran out of ideas for last stage...

    ugh... Is mappers block a thing? It feels like It. Point is I'm stuck... I cant seem to figure out what to do with my last stage for my a/d map. I am open to suggestions, as long as it fits a snowy/winter theme... I rly could use some help... If you can give any ideas, that would be great! I'll...
  3. SquidCat

    I had an idea for a map

    So I've had an idea in my head that I've been thinking about for a while, and that would be turning my home village into a tf2 map. I've come here because I tried to make a map before and I'm not good at it. So I was hoping someone on here would like the idea enough to attempt it. I live in a...
  4. ={LF}= 『Inspector☆Lag』

    Looking for assistance on a map for my server.

    Hi, if anyone has the time to do so, I'm running a server with the map named 2Fart. It is a great-looking map (despite the name), but for my server's needs, it is a little lacking. I need a few things on it and I would do it myself if I had any knowledge on how to make maps. I will link you to...
  5. Atasco

    Beginner Inspiration

    Howdy............ pardners.......... Tldr I'm looking for simple to implement ideas for inspiration :0 I'm sorta sure this is the right subforum...? Since I'm making a request? I considered either this one or the map discussion forum. I'm currently suffering from my plans for my maps being...
  6. Atasco

    CTF overhaul: suggestions?

    Howdy pardners! I'm making a new map, but it's only in the design stages currently. I'm trying to put a bit of a twist on the normal mechanics of ctf, by having the intel stored in a different place than it's dropped off. Additionally, to prevent stalling the game, the intelligences can be...
  7. pennsyrail

    Trees for TF2???

    Hello guys, I am working on a map that involves lots of woods and am wandering if anyone has made or can make a tree model or two that actually has leaves. I'm a little tired of the pine trees. The only thing I could find was the little shrub tree from the Frontline update. I want a tree, Pennsy
  8. Tango

    Need a idea

    Welp I am just kinda out of ideas I wanted to make a map with a boat as the main cp (koth_drydock) but I don't know what to do with the rest of the map... Suggestions or anything is helpful maybe it will spark something in my head.
  9. Tyraka628

    Overlay I need some maps made, and I'm ready to pay money for it.

    I joined this website with the intention of finding someone who could either port maps from certain games into source, or create custom TF2 versions of these maps for me to use in Garry's Mod projects. The maps I want/need to be ported/created are: Autumn Plains, from Spyro 2 - Ripto's Rage...
  10. SnickerPuffs

    The (hopefully) First TF2 Map Idea Generator!

    This generator randomly picks from a pool of game modes and map ideas to give you a map idea that most likely hasn't been done before. It generates 4 random map ideas, but you can make this number bigger or smaller if you want. Click here to go to the generator. (Current version : v2.8) Here...