cp_airship_race a5

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cp_airship_race a5

Reimagined take on the balloon_race concept

Please Note, this is a4_preview of the map, which is not currently functional in basic gameplay as red spawns in a flying ship far away from the action currently, if you want a playable map, please use A3, which is bundled inside the download as well

Additionally, this map has only been tested with tf2 classic and definitely contains assets from the london pack that are not currently bundled in with the map (as they are distributed with the tf2 classic files) and as such if you try to load this map in retail tf2 there's a high likelihood of missing textures and assets

As of A5 the map now bundles assets correctly and plays correctly between Retail and Classic!

Decided to pick up hammer again for the first time in twelve years and this is what I've been working on based on the original legendary map by Chuckstar and Geitigg, I am currently experimenting with gameplay balance changes with the intent to make it a more enjoyable experience.

Chief among these changes is that the airships now have a minimum speed while not parked, the intent of this is to keep the match moving along and to prevent boring snowball matches. The top speed is also 20% slower than originally from 200hu/s to 160hu/s, and the minimum speed is 100 hu/s. The Ships now also drop to their minimum speed after 1 second of nobody standing near the helm, instead of gradually dropping down over the course of 3-15 seconds as they did in the original.

There are also a few QOL changes like enabling the lock icons on control points to describe when they're available for capture, as well as the death zone on the cliff side of the map resting much higher, so you spend less time falling aimlessly. The Water also has slight bleed damage to discourage swimming to the first control point as much as possible.

Original Map here: https://gamebanana.com/mods/69142
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Latest updates

  1. Now Cross-Compatible!

    A smaller update compared to a4, this one focuses more on the rough level aesthetic and updating the 3d skybox to match the new level layout. The map will also load and play properly without crashing retail TF2 now, so that's pretty neat. The...
  2. The Big Alpha Update

    After ripping up the entire map, shrinking it's overall area by 55%, and re-implementing large parts of the map's core functionality, it is now completely functional again from a raw gameplay perspective. Aesthetically the map is a lot rougher...
  3. renamed map

    balloon_race_deluxe was starting to get a little unwieldy as a title so it has been renamed to cp_airship_race