TF2Maps and Potato’s MvM Servers Present: Mappers vs Machines

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    First, there are 2 diffirent difficulties of advanced. 1 of them is pre-bigrock and the other one is bigrock+2cities. In bigrock advanced became significantly more difficult due to using more spamming methods. They arent essentialy harder for a skilled team. But on teams struggling with pre-bnigrock advanced, they simply get dominated as they can handle the huge projectile count. Nightmare is at the bigrock advanced level.

    The only real problem in ghost town is the spy+tank wave. Thats where you get a DPS test and when lacking players to attack the tank, you are not going to beat it. Without those tanks, or when they have less health, the mission is easier than advanced.
    Thats actualy the struggle you will face in bootcamp. Many of the more skilled players will not care about bootcamp since they want the loot from completing missions. The moment you even get just 3 of these, nightmare is significantly easier, and depending on the classes you use can even be a cakewalk.
    Well, nightmare became the community standard for single wave missions. Although its not the best mission setting, it can be good for some random fun games and allows you to perform things regular missions often dont give you (you rarely will see 10+ giants outside of nightmare modes).

    And this is also why you often need 6 players. The high health values combined with tanks are simply a DPS test which with less than 6 players can quickly become problematic. Against 22 giants at once you can just use 1 heavy to stall most of them them, with a tank you can not.
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    I feel like we need a master difficulty.

    Expert is not as hard as it used to be, and nightmare is, as it has been mentioned, just flavor text for an endurance mission that isn't actually particularly difficult.
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    I don't think we need more difficulties beyond Expert and I think it's entirely up to us to make our missions live up to its name.
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    A tip that I recently discovered for those who are tired of generating and editing their navigation mesh with every update, there's a much easier way to go about it: when you make a new version of your map, open the last version of your map with a proper navigation mesh in TF2 and delete every part of the navigation mesh that covers an area of the map that was changed or edited. (You may wish to make a backup of the old navigation mesh before doing this.) Save the changes, then go into your tf/maps folder and find that .nav file. Rename it to match the newest version of your map. Then open the newest version of your map in TF2. Use nav_mark_walkable to mark the areas of the navigation mesh that you deleted, spacing them every few hundred hammer units. Once you've done that, use nav_generate_incremental. This will generate a new navigation mesh in the areas that you used nav_mark_walkable, but will not overwrite the existing navigation mesh- in fact, it will automatically link up the newly generated areas to the old areas. Once that's done, do a nav_analyze. Now you only have to edit to the part of the mesh that you deleted and remade, instead of the entire thing.

    I don't know how many people know this- maybe most people already knows this, maybe nobody else knows this (probably not), or maybe everybody already knew this and I'm an idiot for just now discovering it. Hopefully I helped somebody out.
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    Now that I finally have the time (and slight lack of nervousness) to start working on my mvm_coastal map, using Crash's tutorial as a base, I've now made a little spawn/upgrade room. Now that it functions like it should, I can start working on the area outside the door, which is planned to be a boardwalk. Which is probably just going to be a narrow pathway with a lot of water around it and some platforms jutting out for sentry placements. It's a start, and it is my first map, after all. I'm extremely nervous right now, to be honest.
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    Neither did I until I entered the contest ;)
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    Good luck! It's my first map as well.