Team Fortress 2 Update Released

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    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
    • Fixed XP-earned text being truncated for some clients
    • Fixed some missing particles when running in DirectX8
    • Fixed the Athenian Attire not being paintable
    • Added server ConVar "sv_downloadlist_include_navfile" to control downloading .nav files to clients (disabled by default)
    • Added ESEA 6s Invite Season 29 and Season 30 tournament medals
    • Added Brazil Fortress 6v6 Season 1 and Season 2 tournament medals
    • Updated the LODs for the TFNew tournament medals
    • Updated the Roaring Rockets unusual taunt particle effect
    • Updated pl_rumble_event
      • Fixed bumper car head start not being awarded correctly to the winning team of the normal world
      • Fixed Merasmus announcing winner of the bumper car race twice
      • Fixed players sometimes getting stuck on closing doors
      • Added spawn locations for the collectable soul gargoyle in the normal world
      • Increased sound distance for the flying sawblades so they can be heard from farther away
      • Improved clipping in the underworld race area
    • Updated pl_millstone_event
      • Fixed an issue where players were able to trap Headless Horseman above the death pit
    • Updated pd_cursed_cove_event
      • Fixed missing materials
    • Updated koth_slasher
      • Fixed an inconsistent set of func_nobuilds at mid
      • Fixed a spot where Engineers could hide buildings in trees
      • Fixed players being able to build on top of the spawn rooms
    • Updated koth_bagel_event
      • Entering the underworld now puts players back to full health
      • Players will no longer fall off the platform if they enter the underworld while moving backwards or sideways
      • Added a couple pumpkin spawn locations in the underworld
      • Minor visual update to underworld exit

    Read on the TF2 Blog...
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    Dang, tons of patches comin' out.
  3. [Rx.] Christian Troy

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    Yay another patch to fix another patch. Just like Everquest all over again lol.
  4. Freyja

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    Every patch is to fix the previous patch

    that's what patches are

    by like, definiton
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    No that's just sloppy coding. Patches are to fix things, not break more things. So it seems the definition you have (or even me) is wrong all the way around.
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    By your definition there would only ever be one patch, to fix the base game and then no development needed ever again. Programming is a difficult science, it's hard not to break thinks.
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    Spoken like someone who has never coded anything ever
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    As someone with a degree in software development, I can tell you that you know nothing about actual programming.
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