CP Nautilus a4

cp_nautilus is a 3 point attack/defend cp map set in an underwater facility.

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    Nautilus is a 3 a/d control point map set in a underwater indoor facility. The Nautilus facility is cold, grimy and barely maintained leading to parts of the facility falling apart.

    cp_nautilus is a 3 point attack/defend cp map set in an underwater facility.

    Alpha 1.0 consists of the map blocked out and working available for playtest. I added some detail to point A and B just to solidify the theme and play around with some lighting. There are a number of rooms that were added to offer the players from both teams a chance to flank the points, but these have had little thought put into them and are likely subject to change as a result of playtesting.

    My main concerns at the moment:
    * The map is too small
    * The lighting is too dark (My PC monitor displays the lighting fine, but on my laptop the screen shots came out very dark)
    * The attack/defense position of each control is unbalanced
    * It's unfun (i guess this is every mappers concern)
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    I quite like the visuals, but won't this be a little too dark for TF2? Most maps are ridiculously bright, and for good reason, considering how important color recognition is
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    It does seem rather dark, and I'm also noticing a lot of Half-Life 2 textures lying around. In case you didn't know, if you type in "tf" into the keywords bar on the texture browser, it'll just give you just the Team Fortress 2 textures.
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    Yeah it's a little awkard. The monitor on my work PC seems to display it considerably brighter than other peoples. I'll boost the general brightness.

    Ah, Just realised the screenshots i posted were before i replaced all the HL2 textures xD.
    They now have their TF2 equivalents.
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    This map looks real solid. I'm excited to give it a try!
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    Wow that was quick o-o. Thank a lot! Lots to work on (and i really dun goofed by forgetting the health and ammo crates haha).

    Thanks! :p
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    The lighting kinda made the whole place feel like it was covered in moss.
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    It might be a good idea to open up the roof above the last point, to give a more open-air feel, as well as making the finale feel more cinematic.
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    Hasn't Egypt told you anything? Don't make cps with only one way to get in and out (if you're not a rocket/sticky jumper).

    Last needs more cover than just a few crates. Open up the back area where the rocky wall is, and give the last point a skylight to let in light.

    Other than that, looks promising.
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    Yeah Point C is likely to have a pretty large redesign in the next update. The flat roof was put in just to seal the room, but i would much prefer to have a bigger open space like point A. More cover will also be offered to both teams.

    For each point I tried to ensure there's at least 2 paths (both of which shouldn't be too close to each other). I originally had a sewer system that could navigate to each point from below allowing the attacks/defenders to flank each other but it felt really convoluted and was easy to get lost in. I might bring it back in a more simplistic form.

    Alpha 2.0 is now available. After watching the demo of the playtest it was immediately obvious that red spawn is awkward and needs a complete redesign which is likely to be in alpha 3.0. But in Alpha 2.0 I wanted to quickly address some of the more immediate issues (namely the clipping, lack of health/ammo packs and poor lighting in some areas.

    Alpha 2.0 Changes
    * Removed collision from all props and replaced with Clipping brushes
    * Clipped all stairs
    * Standadised stair height throughout the map
    * Added Health and Ammo packs throughout the level
    * Increase overall lighting brightness
    * Removed a number of un-needed railings to improve player flow from ledges
    * Added wall in Blue spawn to hide rising spawn door
    * Blocked off under the stairs at Point B (now preventing engineers building sentries under the stairs)
    * Blocked off fence area at point A (now preventing engineers building teleports on the other side)
    * Fixed the Spawn No Entry sign being seen by both teams
    * Made trigger boxes for the doors at Point B bigger (scouts were getting caught slightly on the doors)
    * Increased the upper ledge's width at Gate 3 Point B so players don't immediately walk off the edge
    * Capping each point now adds 90 seconds to timer
    * Rotated Red team_player_spawn to face the stairs leading to point A and B (this is a temporary edit as Alpha 3.0 intends to completely rebuild and move Red Spawn)
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    After 2 and a half years I have resurrected this from the grave and given it a complete overhaul for alpha 3 (it feels awesome to go back and dust off an old project)

    Alpha 3.0 Changes

    • Stripped out a fair chunk of detail for the alpha
    • Rebuilt most of the level geometry moving it from a 1 unit grid to 4
    • Rebuilt most of the level geometry around Point A
    • Removed right pathway to B from BLU spawn (people were getting lost)
    • Rebuilt all connecting paths from B to C
    • Rebuilt all of Point C now descending down into the mountain
    • Moved and Rebuilt Red spawnroom
    • Added forward Red spawn room by point A
    • Added skybox
    • Rebuilt all stairs and doorways so they are the correct height
    • Rearranged all of the health and ammo packs
    • added spectator cameras
    Known Issues
    • Console is churning out a bunch of error messages regarding a missing trigger on spawn. It's to do with the forward spawn room (though the map still appears perfectly functional despite the errors). Will look into fixing this asap
    • Time from BLU spawn to Point A is pretty short and will be extended in next update.
    Also please could a mod move this from the import category to maps if the conversion is complete (I can't see an option to do it on my end)
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    A4 update - Completely rebuilt A along with the "pre A section for BLU" and updated a bunch of minor changes based on feedback

    Alpha 4.0 Changes

    • BLU spawn rebuilt to include setup area
    • Pre A point area built, BLU should take longer getting to the point and should have a harder time reaching it
    • A point made larger - raised roof and rebuilt surrounding geometry so as to feel less cramped
    • Moved RED forward spawn around the corner giving RED longer to A and fixing a horrid sightline
    • Added ramps out of the pit at B
    • Opened up area after tunnel to guide players from A to B easier
    • Setup displacements around A
    • Red Team Back spawns now face direction they need to head
    • Increase all cap times by 12 seconds (up from 5 seconds)
    • Capping points now grants 3 minutes extra (up from 1:30 minutes)
    • Added a bunch new pickups around certain area of A
    • Added Forward spawn for BLU at B that becomes active for Point C
    • Clipped door frames
    • Oranges Crates that were causing issues have been replaced with clipped Barrels
    • Added more signage
    • Added more lighting
    • Changed skybox (currently placeholder)
    • Gave the Env_lighting a green/blue tint to give appearance of underwater
    Known Issues
    • C still lacks something of a "front line" for defenders. Will look into rebuilding bits of C when i have more feedback from playtests
    • Skybox is wrong - it's currently a placeholder for the custom one i would like to add
    • Parts of the map are still a little dark
    • Still getting console errors regarding the forward spawn (they still work however)
    • Respawn times haven't been changed despite feedback - want to test out the new capping time first

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