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PLR Guava Gulf A2A

Totally not Banana Bay

  1. 14bit

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    Guava Gulf - Totally not Banana Bay

    My entry for the Connect 5 contest. It currently fulfills all of the tiles in the top row, as well as a few others around the board.

    It's a 3-stage PLR map. Stage one starts by the ocean, stage two is (mostly) in a cave by a cliff, and stage three is somewhere in a temple or something. The final stage has a unique twist: both carts enter the same stretch of track and it becomes a tug-of-war! It will probably break during testing, let me know if it does.

    Stages 2 and 3 are probably too small. Name subject to change.

    Multistage PLR logic originally from @A Boojum Snark's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack, though heavily modified using @Ynders' Tug of War Payload Prefab as a reference to make the ToW section function.

    Uses textures from @fuzzymellow's Jungle Pre-Release Map Texture Pack and the construction pack

    Map named by @Blade x64

    Thanks for taking time to check out my map, feedback is always appreciated!
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  2. G.bo

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    This sounds very scary to program, and I commend you for even attempting to do such a thing.
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  3. 14bit

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    Wow that test was one of the worst I've ever seen. Here's a fix that hopefully works.
    • Fixed carts being stuck in tug-of-war mode at all times
      • This means that you can push the carts now
      • This means you can actually play the map now
    • Fixed carts getting stuck in an un-pushable state
      • This is very hard to test on my own, so the fix might not work
      • If the issue happens at all still it should only happen on stage 3 during the tug-of-war, as the logic that appears to cause the bug is related to the tug-of-war section
    • Lowered setup times from 70 to 35 seconds
    Let me know ASAP if it breaks again. Thanks in advance.

    Oh, I also updated the main download page to give links to the people/resources I used to make this. Thanks @A Boojum Snark, @Ynders, @fuzzymellow, and @Blade x64 for your resources and suggestions!

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  4. OctoBlitz

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    very succulent, also isn't the map only supposed to be a certain specific row, not
    Still looks fun though, might give it a try sometime.
  5. 14bit

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    You have to have at least five of them in a line. My “official” line of five tiles is the top row starting all the way on the left. You can still use tiles on the board that don’t fit into your line though, and I was just pointing out that this map fufills a lot of the other tiles not officially in my line.
  6. 14bit

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    A2 of everyone's favorite Connect5 entry that is a 3-Stage PLR in a jungle at night by the ocean is here! There's a lot of changes, thank you everyone who played it and gave feedback. Hopefully I've addressed or purposely ignored everyone's feedback.

    Stage 1 Changes:
    • Added three new routes
      • Back tunnel between points now connects to main area
        • This hopefully spreads out the fighting to mid, rather than just the tunnel
      • New routes from diagonal staircases to cart turn/crate rooms, creating a basement
        • This should give the waterfront more of a purpose as you can take now push through the new basement route to the capture point
    • Significant health/ammo changes
    • Reduced water push force
      • You can now technically swim around the building at the water's edge as most classes, but it's really slow.
    • Fixed collisions on fence props near capture points
    • Improved lighting
    • Slight optimizations
    Stage 2 Changes:
    • Rebuilt spawns
      • Easier to get to/see spawn exits when spawning
    • Spawn yard expanded
      • Spawns are slightly farther from capture point
      • Sniper deck expanded to be useful, now has a railing
    • New entrance into cave
      • Enters cave at cart starting location
      • Leads up to a new deck in the new expanded section of the cave
    • Expanded cave
      • Ramps up to cart entrances are gone
      • Adjusted cover
      • New raised platforms at back of the cave
        • The new entrances lead to the high ones
      • New sneaky flank under the new platforms at the back of the cave
        • Almost links both lower entrances, giving an alternate way through the cave
    • Widened several routes
      • Widened cliff-side route
      • Widened ramp up into the cliff-side shack
      • Widened cart starting location
    • Improved lighting
    • Health/ammo changes
    • Slight optimizations
    Stage 3 Changes
    • Rebuilt entire center of stage 3
      • Widened entire stage by 128 units
      • Tug of war section now occupies low ground
      • Carts start on bridges above the ToW section
      • There's a building in the center where the rollback ramps used to be
        • There are no more rollback zones in the center section
      • Finals of Stage 3 are still the same
        • There's still no explosion
    • Rebuilt section of spawn leading into center
      • Red also as resupply cabinets now, whoops
      • There are now two spawn exits into center
        • One has high ground
        • The other comes out next to the track
    • New flank under new center building
      • Connects both sides
      • Connects to the drop-down part in the back half of the map
        • This means that the tunnels now connect to the center of the map
    • Improved lighting
    • Health/ammo changes
    • Slight optimizations

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  7. 14bit

    Server Staff 14bit L14: Bit Member

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    A quick patch just to fix some slight things I missed last night:

    Stages 1 + 2:
    • Upped setup time to 45 seconds (was 35 seconds)
    Stage 3:
    • Moved cart starting positions in Stage 3
      • First staring position has not moved
      • Second starting position is closer to start of the bridge
      • Third starting position is now just outside the building, rather than in it
    • Marked cart starting locations with overlays
    • Lighting improvements
      • Upper spawn decks in center now have lighting near the steps down
      • Better lighting under the bridges

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