Fuzzy's Jungle Pre-Release Map Texture Pack

Fuzzy's Jungle Pre-Release Map Texture Pack 2017-02-13

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Fuzzy's Jungle Pre-Release Map Texture Pack 2017-02-13


Hey all! Fuzzy here, formerly RetroCitrus, MellowRetro, etc

Decided to churn out a small, but hopefully decent map texture pack this weekend with my boy Void helping me with all this on the Hammer side of it all. Thanks for stayin' up late with me gettin this out, man, you really are The Best~

Included are 75, map-ready, hand-painted textures that fit the newly announced "Jungle" theme that the TF2 Team announced as an upcoming update for a later time. Wall textures, floor textures, wall trims, you name it. I've been getting into the mapping side of this community a lot lately and appreciate all that you do, and throughout all this, I found out that tiling textures are fun to make. Like, damn good fun to make.

Even with a jungle theme in-mind there are several color-variants of some textures you'll find in here that fit a lot of other, pre-existing TF2 themes, also. Egyptian, Eastern, Medieval, and hopefully more to come in the future!

I'd love to do more with cleaner results when I get a hand on ZBrush someday, but for now, I hope hand-painted results are okay too! Everything comes with SSBumps to catch whatever light you fancy, hopefully they catch some good shadows for you!

This is a pre-release so I definitely plan on making a lot more in the coming weeks and already have a huge handful of jungle-related textures that I made before the Jam that I plan on releasing very soon. Gonna work out a few things here and there before then, so I'll be back with more for sure, if any of you would like more, that is!

Again, many thanks to Void for converting these to Hammer-ready use and for keeping me company throughout all of this. Thanks to all of you for the fun maps I've been playing, also, and sorry for the long spiel! It's 4am. Time for sleep.

Have a fun last stretch, friends. Happy 72-Hour Winter Jam!
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