Multi Stage Guava Gulf A7B

Totally not Banana Bay

  1. A7: Improved Edition

    Oh boy, it's been a while.

    This map needs more work, so we're rolling back to alpha while I figure things out.

    Multistage Changes:
    • Visual improvements
    • Fixed the HDR lighting
      • There was two things trying to set the bloom scale to different values, but both were disabled???
      • Bloomscale is now 0.3, which should stop blinding people as badly
    Stage 1 Changes:
    • Replaced the tunnel between the points with an actual area
      • This should make the fight over the points much less of a horrible choke
      • Connects to the central raised platform nobody uses as well to make rotation easier
    • Clipping improvements
      • Yes, I finally fixed the asymmetrical clipping around the doorways that let you stand above Red's but not Blu's center door
    • Cleaned up displacements
    • Fixed some texture inconsistencies between sides
    • Fixed a bunch of visible nodraw
    Stage 2 Changes:
    • Rebuilt spawns entirely
      • Spawns are now in caves behind the point, rather than to the side
      • Two exits
        • Upper to where the old upper exit was (roughly)
        • Lower comes out under the point in the tunnel
      • Where the old spawns were is now high ground overlooking the point
      • High ground from A6 removed
    • Moved points closer to new spawns
      • This makes the cart paths about 256 units longer
      • Should provide more space to fight around the point
    • Improved lighting
    • Clipping improvements
    Stage 3 Changes:
    • Potential fix for the cart de-sync issue during ToW?
      • I remember working on it, but I don't know if I solved it or not?
    • Pretty sure I moved a tree or something at some point
    • I haven't touched this stage since the contest, I have no idea what to do with it
    • Help


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