Multi Stage Guava Gulf A7B

Totally not Banana Bay

  1. A7B: Slightly Better Edition

    Just some quick fixes to get this tested again.

    Multistage Changes:
    • Removed round timer and overtime
    Stage 1 changes:
    • Moved some torches
    • Added a rock to both finals
      • This should give defenders a slightly better shot at defending
    Stage 2 changes:
    • Added the missing resupply locker to Red's spawn
    • Increased door speed from 30 to 50 on the setup doors
    • Clipping improvements
      • Changed some playerclip to blockbullets...
  2. A7: Improved Edition

    Oh boy, it's been a while.

    This map needs more work, so we're rolling back to alpha while I figure things out.

    Multistage Changes:
    • Visual improvements
    • Fixed the HDR lighting
      • There was two things trying to set the bloom scale to different values, but both were disabled???
      • Bloomscale is now 0.3, which should stop blinding people as badly
    Stage 1 Changes:
    • Replaced the tunnel between the points with an actual area
      • This should make...
  3. B1: Contest Edition

    Oh boy, here we go! The contest version of Guava Gulf.

    Multistage Changes:
    • Started artpassing the map
      • Stage 1's gameplay space is mostly artpassed
      • Stage 2 has more textures now
      • Stage 3's finals have had a visual overhaul, but incomplete
    • Improved lighting
    • Slight optimizations, but probably outweighed by the new stuff
    Stage 1 Changes:
    • Reworked some of the tunnels and hallways around the stage
    Stage 2 Changes:
    • Improved...
  4. A6: Minor Tweaks Edition

    If this plays well, this might be the final Alpha version. Time's almost up on the contest!

    Multistage Changes:
    • All torches now ignite huntsman arrows
    • Custom soundscape fixes/improvements
    • Clipping pass
      • All doorways have clipping now
      • A few perch points have been clipped
    • Rudimentary 3D skybox for testing
    • Lighting tweaks
    • Health/ammo changes
    • Slight optimizations
    Stage 2 Changes:
    • Added high ground looking over point
      • ...
  5. A5: New Stage 3 Edition

    3 days and 20 hours remain. Let's see if I can do this.

    Multi-Stage Changes:
    • Overtime fixed
      • Carts now start moving when time is up
      • Carts don't stop at rollback zones in overtime
      • Carts don't get stuck at track cross-overs in overtime anymore
    • Time limit for first two stages increased to 10 minutes, up from 8
    • Added soundscapes
      • All custom-made by me!
    • Increased lighting
    • Optimizations
    • Health/Ammo changes
    Stage 1 Changes:...
  6. A4A: Working Gates Edition

    Just a quick update to fix some issues:
    • Fixed gates starting open in Stage 2
    • Moved lower resupply lockers in Stage 2 to be closer to the doors
    • Lighting changes
      • Significantly increased lighting on all stages
      • Decreased brightness of light_environment
    • Spawn wave times reduced to 7 seconds (down from 8)
    • Reduced setup time for Stage 1 to 30 seconds (down from 45)
      • Stage 2 still has a 45 second setup time
  7. A4: New Stage 2 Edition

    Oh boy, 14 days left before the deadline! I'm starting to think I'll actually have a decently fun map by the time the deadline arrives. Hopefully the new Stage 2 is better than the old one!

    Multistage changes:
    • Improved lighting in all stages
    • Added Nightfall's overtime system to Stage 1 and 2.
      • Round time is 8:00
      • Carts begin to roll forwards on their own in overtime
      • Only the team with the most players on the cart can push their cart
      • Carts stop auto-rolling at...
  8. A3: Slightly Wider Edition

    Here we go again:

    All stages:
    • Improved lighting
    • All wall torches have been properly clipped
      • You should no longer get stuck on wall torches
    • Significant health/ammo changes
      • There's a lot more ammo on stages 1 and 2 again, sorry for removing it all last version
    • Various optimization tweaks and changes
    Stage 1:
    • Widened entire stage by 256 units
      • This moves the bases a bit farther apart
      • The tracks are also longer...
  9. A2A: Slight Adjustments Edition

    A quick patch just to fix some slight things I missed last night:

    Stages 1 + 2:
    • Upped setup time to 45 seconds (was 35 seconds)
    Stage 3:
    • Moved cart starting positions in Stage 3
      • First staring position has not moved
      • Second starting position is closer to start of the bridge
      • Third starting position is now just outside the building, rather than in it
    • Marked cart starting locations with overlays
    • Lighting improvements
      • Upper...
  10. A2: More Space Edition

    A2 of everyone's favorite Connect5 entry that is a 3-Stage PLR in a jungle at night by the ocean is here! There's a lot of changes, thank you everyone who played it and gave feedback. Hopefully I've addressed or purposely ignored everyone's feedback.

    Stage 1 Changes:
    • Added three new routes
      • Back tunnel between points now connects to main area
        • This hopefully spreads out the fighting to mid, rather than just the tunnel
      • New routes from diagonal...