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Kahoalii a7a

[volcano name] has got nothing on this.

Trouble in Paradise... Kahoalii is a Payload map set on a Red controlled island, disguised as a tourist hot spot and resort alongside the Hawaiian islands.

This map was designed for the Tf2maps Payload Checklist Contest, by Octoblitz and Xelily

The Current checklist items this map featured:

✓ Payload goes straight for 1500 units
✓ Ledge 256 units in height
✓ Payload crosses over own path
✓ Multiple stages

✓ Respawn rooms never move

(no Longer applicable)
First release
Last update
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Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. Happy New year!

    - Added Forward spawn after A point is capped - Added more areaportals for optimization - cut off certain areas with skybox brushes to increase performance - switched out expensive water with cheap variants - tide came in - added a door as a...
  2. short n' sweet

    - remade A point, removed a point so now it is a 3 point payload map - added a new route into B - removed really big routes - added rocks and trees to starting area to help kill massive sightlines - newsie is now eating sand. - added cheap water...
  3. Welcome to Paradise

    I wanted to push an update to this map just cause - No longer 2 stage, stages fused into one single stage - added bomb pit to hotel finale - added new custom assets - frogge - moved back red's first spawn - turned old Blu spawn into a new...