Multi Stage Guava Gulf A7B

Totally not Banana Bay

  1. B1: Contest Edition

    Oh boy, here we go! The contest version of Guava Gulf.

    Multistage Changes:
    • Started artpassing the map
      • Stage 1's gameplay space is mostly artpassed
      • Stage 2 has more textures now
      • Stage 3's finals have had a visual overhaul, but incomplete
    • Improved lighting
    • Slight optimizations, but probably outweighed by the new stuff
    Stage 1 Changes:
    • Reworked some of the tunnels and hallways around the stage
    Stage 2 Changes:
    • Improved clipping in several spots
    Stage 3 Changes:
    • Teams can now see how many players are on the carts in the HUD when they are stopped at the doors
    • Changes to SpeedForwardModifier values
      • The final platform now uses a value of 0.8 (up from 0.75)
      • Rollback zone now uses a value of 0.5 (up from 0.33)
    • Replaced full ammo kit at final with a full health kit
    • Fixed some torches not lighting huntsman arrows


    1. hl2_2018-04-20_19-08-01.jpg
    2. hl2_2018-04-20_19-18-26.jpg
    3. hl2_2018-04-20_19-36-05.jpg
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