Multi Stage Guava Gulf A7B

Totally not Banana Bay

  1. A7B: Slightly Better Edition

    Just some quick fixes to get this tested again.

    Multistage Changes:
    • Removed round timer and overtime
    Stage 1 changes:
    • Moved some torches
    • Added a rock to both finals
      • This should give defenders a slightly better shot at defending
    Stage 2 changes:
    • Added the missing resupply locker to Red's spawn
    • Increased door speed from 30 to 50 on the setup doors
    • Clipping improvements
      • Changed some playerclip to blockbullets to stop sentries from shooting at players though props
      • Closed off a stuck spot in both spawns
      • Removed some perch points


    1. hl2_2019-06-01_19-22-02.jpg
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